Every one says life is a journey.. Indeed it is.. I travel all the time from Ibadan to Port harcourt and its not an easy one at all.. Sitting in a particular place for more than 10hours!! OMG!! Horrible.. As a result of the frequent travelling I meet a lot of people in the bus.. Good people, horrible people, sarcastic people, rude people, etc.. And apart from the people in the bus , I encounter a lot of things on d way.. From bad traffics to vehicles stopping unexpectedly.. I even see so many accidents with dead bodies everywhere.. 😦 (sobs#) .. I’m going somewhere, stay with me..
The problems I encounter while travelling is just like “life” it self.. We loose people.. People dear to our hearts,loved ones, friends etc.. People disappoint us when we least expect (just like the vehicles that get bad on high ways).. Leaving our hopes dashed!

Once I was travelling and my bus stopped @ Ughelli, Warri (Delta State) ..For close τ̅☺ 4 hours we were still stranded on d road and it was getting late.. I was so scared and wondered where I was going to stay, I thought about how late I was going to get to Ibadan.. It was then I remembered that I had a high school buddy that lived at Warri (GOD BLESS HER) 😀 ..as God would have it, I stayed at her place till d next day and I continued my journey.. Now,God places people for us at strategic places in this life, to help us in our desperate times and moments.. We are never alone in this journey .. He is always with us..

After all my horrible encounters I always get to school happy that the journey was safe (although I get to school so late and wake up the next day with terrible body pains) .. What I’m trying to say is that no matter what we face in this journey called “life” if we are focused and determined, with God as our guide and companion..we will always get to our DESTINATION.. Like Liverpool fans say : YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE… 😀