Some one said “love is the feeling you feel, when you feel your feeling something you have never felt before” . And I’m like WOW!!!
We all have our different definitions of this English word “love” .
It can refer to a variety of different feeling, states and attitudes ranging from pleasure (“I love the meal”) to interpersonal attraction- “I love my partner”. It can also be a virtue representing human kindness, compassion and affection! LOVE!! ❤ .

Because of the complex and abstract nature of LOVE, discourse on love is commonly reduced to a thought-terminating cliche and there are a number of common proverbs regarding love.
I'm going to give some notes as to what love really is. I got them from a Bible I had when I was much younger. "The Teen Study Bible"..

LOVE IS************

* Love is willing to wait instead of demanding.

* Love keeps on being friendly to people who aren’t friendly back (hehehehe).

* Love doesn’t hate the girl who goes out with the guy you like (winks :D).

* Love isn’t stuck up. It doesn’t think you are better than others because your clothes are more expensive.

* Love lets others have their turn talking. It never puts others down by acting like they don’t count.

* Love doesn’t hold grudges. It doesn’t keep thinking over and over again about how somehow hurt you.

* Love doesn’t insist on getting all the credit or being one of the popular crowd.

* Love doesn’t loose its temper when a brother or sister hogs the phone or spends too much time in the bathroom. (LOL).

* Love doesn’t think doing wrong is cool.

* Love looks out for the Interest of others.

* Love keeps on trusting God even when the right choices you make don’t turn out the way you want.

* Love keeps on expecting the best.

* Love doesn’t give up just because something goes wrong or because your feelings are hurt.

God is in charge, so for those who love, just keep on loving right..