Nawa o…
Where do I start from, the tales of “Big Brother Africa”. I didn’t follow that of this year but I’m so grateful and heavily Indebted to my BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) friends who helped me “watch” BBA live on “BBM” .. Hehe#

I heard about the Beverlyzzz and the Melvinzzz and the Angelozzz and all others.. Now starting with “Beverly”, she thought she had it all, the game, the chase.. I’m sure she thought she was creating controversies around Africa..Who cares? I read about her escapades and all.. That’s her plate of pap anyways.

But Melvin,Brother Melvin.. Aww!! I feel sorry for you!! ( 😦 ) ..
Okay, so I don’t know o, but I heard “Brother Melvin” has gone for almost all the reality shows : Guilder Ultimate Search, you all know GUS now? After climbing 7 mountains and Crossing 7 seas..he didn’t win.. He also went for Mr.Nigeria , Next movie Star.. Really sad. Melvin, don’t give up.. We still have other reality shows like Maltina Dance All,Project Fame , even the recent “X-Factor” , this aint the end of the journey to stardom..your turn shall come.. AMEN!!

Congrats to the Namibia girl though,DILLISH” .. She is such a beauty..