Keep Your Dreams To Yourself
Lots of people become enthusiastic about their new goals after they set them and as a result they feel like telling others about them. While there can be some benefits of discussing your goals with others such as seeing the goals from a different point of view or getting useful advice still there are bad consequences that could happen as a result of sharing your goals with those people.
Even if you were so motivated your mind can get programmed by these beliefs and you might find yourself demotivated just because you discussed your goals with some of your friends. Don’t underestimate the effect of subconscious mind programming especially if the programming was coming from a trusted source. If one of the people you believe it tried to put you down then you might lose motivation as a result!
Another reason to keep your goals to yourself
A study has shown that when people tell others about their goals they tend to feel that they have already achieved a part of the goal which results in De-motivating them. Let’s suppose you wanted to complete a certain degree. Once you tell your friends about it and they start to praise you for it you will experience a sense of achievement even though you did nothing.
This sense of achievement is experienced because those people will see your new future identity even though you didn’t acquire it yet. As a result you will feel that part of the goal is already completed and you will become less motivated to achieve it.

Envy and keeping your goals to yourself
Once of the facts many people are not aware of is it that jealousy doesn’t know anything about friendship or blood connection. The closest person ever to you can become jealous of your achievements or even your future goals if you sounded serious enough. Moreover, if the person who became jealous of you was not a good person he might start putting you down and even if you were positive about your goals he might succeed.

Remember, while we are indeed social animals, we have to make sure that we are using our social features and qualities in the right way to propel us, to fuel our motivation, and to help us achieve our goals more easily. If you must talk about your goals, talk only about that which you have really achieved so far. Try not to mention what you are going to do and, if you must discuss the future, mention all the painful details, kilometers and meetings which lie between you and your goal.