1• Don’t cry over spilt milk – I simply let the bygones be bygones.
2• Don’t let the cat out of the bag -no matter how weird your secrets may look, they are always safe with me.
3• Don’t shoot for the stars, shoot for the moon – why settle for less when I can get more?
4• Don’t please everyone – I don’t want to end up hurting myself.
4• Don’t neglect a gold simply because you’ve got a diamond – life is never constant, it varies, you might end up needing that gold tomorrow.
5• Don’t run after two hares – you will end up catching neither, one step at a time.
7• Don’t cast the first stone – be blameless before you condemn.
8• Don’t judge a person by mere outward appearance – all are not thieves that dogs bark at.
9• Don’t run faster than your shadow – Good things come to those who wait.
10• Don’t speak unnecessarily – words are mere bubbles of water but deeds are drops of gold.

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