1 – Recognise Success and Challenge Yourself to Achieve More

It’s easy to play it safe – to stop when you are ahead and enjoy that moment.

Give yourself a moment to appreciate what you’ve achieved, but no more. When the time comes to move forward, success is but a single point on a much longer journey – it is not the end of that journey.

Imagine a company like Apple stopping after the iPod or Henry Ford deciding the Model T was good enough. Where would be today without people constantly striving to improve upon what they’ve already achieved?

2 – Learn from Failure and Find Things to Improve

If success is a marker on your journey, failure is the map.

When we fail, we discover something important about ourselves. We discover how to persevere, how to get better, and what does NOT work. We discover which paths to avoid and it fine tunes our approach.

Revel in failure and learn from it at every step. The most successful entrepreneurs in history are remembered for their triumphs but will tell you only of their failures and how they learned from them.

Recognise the potential in those moments and use them to propel yourself forward.

3 – Visualise the Positive You’ll Discover in the Next Step

When the next step is unsure, imagine what it COULD be.

Imagine the successes you can have and how you will use those to get closer to your goal. Imagine the knowledge you will gain, even if you fail to achieve the results you are striving for.

Whatever you do, Visualise yourself doing something. It might feel like you’re looking out over a cliff, unsure of what’s beyond the clouds but know that whatever you find beyond those clouds is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

The Path to Success

Every path is different and those who enjoy and learn from the steps in their personal path to success will thrive.

Be the one who finds joy in even the hardest moments and you will never dread what comes next on the arduous journey you’ve set yourself on.


1 – Talent Does Not Mean Success

A single talent is not a ticket to success in life. It must be utilized. It must be nurtured and cared for and used on a daily basis.

You must challenge yourself and look for an opportunity to try new things and succeed in those things. It is with this kind of open mind and thirst for intellectual adventure that you will discover and push the limits of your true potential.

2 – Ambition Opens a World of Discovery to You

Imagine a world with no ambition. We would be without nearly everything we hold dear. The great thinkers, inventors and businesspeople of the 20th and 21st centuries would have sat back and continued to sell ice from carts and horses from stables.

We benefit from a society of ambitious overachievers who never stopped wondering “what can I do next?”

Be that person.

Always ask what you can do next and how you can achieve any goal you set for yourself if you only open your mind to the possibilities that success will give you.

Your ambition, however momentous, will drive you forward and unlock opportunities you never dreamed possible.

3 – Imagine What CAN Do Instead of What You CANNOT

Imagine a world in which your skills allow you to do anything you want – to push any boundary and discover any path to success.

Imagine you can live that life and become the person you’ve always dreamed of. Now why can’t you do it?

We spend too much time imagining the things we cannot do that we forget how to be ambitious and push forward with the things we can. Don’t try to be good at everything or nothing. Be very good at the things which you were born to do and enjoy that you live a life that allows you to do that.

Ambition Drives Dreamers

The great dreamers of our day and age – Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and until recently Steve Jobs – these people have ambition greater than even they need and yet they strive to do more, achieve more, fly higher.

Be like them and never let your ambition wane as you move towards your goals.

Have a lovely week ahead. 🙂