After my first semester two-weeks break, I was eager to get back to school. I mean, two weeks at home was fun but tiring at the same time (errands et all) LOL! . I heard my school was going to resume for the next semester on the 17th June 2013. I started packing my belongings to get back to school, I just wanted to get done with my present Level and move on to the next level (despite my challenges in school). I got to school on the 15th of June and on the 17th we had already started lectures in my faculty (LAW). We were still waiting for other classes to begin (Social Science Courses we borrowed) and GES.
On the 1st of July, Our Contract lecturer told us we would be having a test on the 8th of July – Nobody found it funny, we don’t take TESTS in this course, we do PRESENTATIONS. After all the murmurings we went back to the hostel and started IR (Intensive Reading). But after classes that day, the bombshell dropped : ASUU IS ON STRIKE. And I’m like “we just got back” *WTF*!!!!! Okay, I was happy because I was going to have more time for the unexpected test. This “more time” became “more days” and this “more days” became “more months” and this “more months” is now 4MONTHS!!! *Jaw-dropped*.

Now, I had already gone to the market, bought stuffs for the semester or at least half of the semester. I got food items, beverages and what have you? I expected the strike to stay for few weeks and so when I was going home, I left with few stuffs. Now, everything I bought from the market is BAD!!! Not funny.

WHY THIS STRIKE? A nation like Nigeria?! It is so embarrassing, disgusting, irritating. I’m not in support of either the FG or ASUU I just want this rubbish to come to an end. Because there is nothing as good as “BEING IN SCHOOL when you are supposed to be IN SCHOOL”.

“The Union cannot claim the dearth of expertise in industrial psychology, sociology, law or crisis management, who should be able to synthesise an efficient alternative to strike actions which have done more damage to the public image of ASUU as a union of academics who are never contended but rather are ready to sacrifice the future of their students for the improvement of their personal emoluments” – PROF.BABATUNDE MUNIR OGUNSANWO at the 49th inaugural lecture of Olabisi Onabanjo University, July 28th, 2009.

They keep saying “Half-baked” students.. But Please, who is teaching the “half-baked” ?! It is widely acknowledged that a large chunk of what students are taught in various higher institutions of learning in Nigeria has no utilitarian or practical applications outside the school system. Infrastructure has nothing to do with half-baked students, rather it has a lot to do with our “ASUU people”.

If you take a careful and closer look you will realise that our ASUU people are the major problem of education in Nigeria. Let’s forget Monetary problems and the Federal Government.
Is it Infrastructure that tells a young girl to use her money and book a hotel room so that her lecturer can have his way? And when the girl refuses , is it still infrastructure that gives the girl 39% (Just one point to the pass mark)?
Is it the Infrastructure that says to the students “Even the most brilliant won’t get an A” ?
Do you now see my point?
At first most people were in support of ASUU but now they are seeing things in a different perspective . They have made this strike their hobby.
Look at this :

1994 : 6months
1995. : 5months
1996. : 7months
1998. : 5months
1999. : 5months
2001. : 2months
2002. : 3months
2003. : 6months ending in 2004
2005. : 2weeks (nawa o)
2006. : 1week
2007. : 3months
2008. : 1week
2009. : 4months
2010. : 5months
2011. : 3months ending in 2012
2013. : 4months +

Our Dear ASUU people as I have decided to call them are just being greedy/selfish . I hope they don’t give them a dime in the name of salary! : NO WORK – NO PAY! . Students would have to pay fresh rents because their rents are expired (even though they didn’t get the chance to stay fully). Some PG/Masters Students would pay yet another school fees for the same session. Imagine? I’m so angry right now. Some students died on their way home because their Vice Chancellors chased them out of the hostels. No thanks to ASUU. This evil trend has to stop!!!

I could write more on this issue but what is it going to change? You go to school at the age of 16 (fresh, happy, hope, aspirations) and then you graduate at the age of 30 (downcast, troubled, no job because you are way past the employment age and all that stuff we hear about).
Its just so sad…. I don’t want to celebrate two Birthdays in the same level, I mean that would be the height of this!

God help us.