Guest Writer : STELLA.

The Sooty Shearwater is the most focused animal on the planet. This New Zealand bird flies up to 74,000kilometers on its yearly migration, averaging more than 500km per day. During this largely solo annual migration, Sooty has many distractions and temptations to overcome in order to reach its incredible goal- the North Pacific.

There’s mouth-watering food along the way, potential mates, and many other possible distractions on the path of their yearly destiny.
It is this kind of focus I seek. I want the single-mindedness of a Sooty Shearwater, the sort that is not distracted by the easy way out, or tempted to sneak over and see what the crowd is chasing.
Often times, we find ourselves going back and forth in terms of working on our goals and our growth as human beings. We will go through periods where we work hard consistently everyday without ever feeling burned out, then sometimes we shift and go through periods where we stagnate and put them off for a time.
Let’s be clear however, that there is a big difference between taking small breaks such as a vacation, and stagnation.

Growing as a human being and fulfilling our purpose is meant to be a fun experience, it is what we are here for, it is what we are designed to do. The problem in today’s society is that there are so many things that we get caught up in which can do the opposite. There are many different obstacles in that we must overcome in our lives, and there always will be, but they don’t have to be looked at as negative experiences. Everything we do in our lives is a lesson of some kind, even the most negative experiences have some kind of lesson to be learned, usually the most important ones.

Conclusively, for us to get to our land of gold like the Sooty Shearwater’s “North pacific” we must remain Focused, Determined and Unshaken.
We must remain firm in our believes, goals and aspirations.
If we do… The “North Pacific” would become ours. 🙂