logThinkingOutLoud300I, and hoping many of you or this is going to be weird, talk to myself. I’m not sure when it started or why. Often my thoughts are expressed out loud even if no one else is around. Is this strange? Not really, although it is weird when I ask and answer my own questions.

Lately, however, I’ve noticed “all-inclusive” words invading this self dialogue. “This person always…, or they never…, he/she constantly…, they can’t do anything…, they always do everything

Lumping people together, allowing past behavior to overshadow the light of future change, labeling, categorizing, judging, goes against a deeply held personal belief that each person and situation is different. We should allow each moment to unfold without being chained to our expectations and anticipations.  

We live in a world where “non-inclusive” language is more and more foreign. Litmus tests are given…

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