…Please start writing down what comes to your mind as you read along! I added some of my thoughts. LOL!

I got this write up from a magazine… (My thoughts are the bold ones in italics)

1)      Fall in love. I think that says it all.

2)      Get drunk. I don’t support this. Stupid things happen when you get drunk.

3)      Learn sign language.

4)      Travel around the world. If you’ve got the means. Hehe

5)      Learn a new language.

6)      Pursue your passion.

7)      Start your own business doing something you love.

8)      Achieve financial abundance with your passion.

9)      Connect with all your teachers from your past schools. Let them know how they shaped your life.

10)   Identify someone who has inspired you most in your life. Let him/her know much he/she has inspired you.

11)   Make a difference in someone’s life.

12)   Perform a kind deed to at least 5 strangers without expecting anything in return.

13)   Be a mentor to someone. Your character says it all.

14)   Offer your services in the promotion of a humanitarian cause.

15)   Throw a mega party. Errm, I’m not the party type. Especially the crazy-frenzy parties. But get-togethers with your friends once in a while won’t be a bad idea.

16)   Learn wine appreciation. OKAY.

17)   Play a new musical instrument: piano, violin, flute, guitar, drum or trumpet. Working on that.

18)   Go on a road trip, camp out in the wilds, walk in a valley, visit a waterfall, and swim in an ocean.

19)   Call in the customer care of a service provider you like just to thank them for a great service. Still waiting for that day Hun.

20)   Conquer your biggest fears. I WILL.

21)   Do something crazy or out of character. So I did one crazy thing back then in my first year. The sole of my shoe just went off one day. No cabs. No stores around to get an alternative foot wear. I had no choice than to walk with my bare feet to the hall. It was fun. LOL.

22)   Make friends with at least 5 strangers on the street.

23)   Are there any specific people you want to meet in the future? Of course now. Are you kidding me? And I will. One day.

24)   Run a marathon. If I hear.

25)   BE A LAWYER!!!!!!!!. Yes, it’s legal to be a lawyer. If you can’t be lawyer, then try getting married to one. 😉

 Like I said, I got this article from a law magazine and I decided to share especially when I saw the ‘lawyer’ thing. 🙂 . But one thing you should do before you die is this : have a personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST. FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM.