Publish or Perish. With this in mind I’m just going to say what’s on my mind.
This conversation actually transpired between Brother Nwafor and Sister Mgbeke.

Bro. Nwafor : (after a fellowship service) Sis Mgbeke, I have not been seeing you in fellowship. And I don’t like this at all.
(Meanwhile Sis Mgbeke already told Bro. Nwafor few days ago at the University Library where they coincidentally met that she was robbed and he said nothing).

You see we all have a name that covers us, the surname, and once we stop answering that name we are no more members of that family and that tie is broken. Just like the prodigal son who left his father. He was a bastard cause he had no family anymore.

That day you told me you were robbed. The Holy Spirit ministered to me. Something dawned in my spirit. That you have been afflicted because you have not been coming for fellowship. Whenever they pray for protection you are not prayed for because you don’t come for fellowship. The prayer of the Brethren does not cover you. That is why you were attacked by Robbers.

Sis Mgbeke: (speaking to her self) Nna which kyn wahala come be this one? So those in Christ Jesus do not face afflictions too? Was I wrong in sleeping in my room? Being at the right place at the right Time? Is it that I don’t pray for myself? Folks at home don’t pray for me? I don’t go to church? I’m obviously not the most righteous person on earth. I’ve failed God. But this? Getting told to my face that I suffered attack cos I don’t come to fellowship? This is the height.
(she takes her bag and walks away)
Sis Mgbeke would later tell her roommate about the conversation and her roommate would say…
“You don’t answer such people, they have Guinea fowl brains.”

So much for Christendom in today’s society.
This actually happened. What’s happening today in the name of Christianity sha. There are so many ways to have this type of discussion, but he chose to tell Sis Mgbeke by implication that she was a bastard and will suffer attack if she doesn’t keep coming to fellowship.

Its okay.