Hey guys.

There is something called writers block. But I’ve never heard about a Readers block. So while I’m stuck in the writing realm, nothing can block or stop me from reading books.

I love books.

And I can’t even begin to explain the way I feel when I’m about starting a new book. (I’m not talking about faculty and departmental books “puuleeazz”). LOL!

Being a” bookie”, I thought to myself – why not share your book ideas and love for books with the world. That way people who love books too will get recommendations on books they could read. I began the journey by creating a BBM Channel few weeks back – C0016FD7F  (FOR THE LOVE OF BOOKS : D ADRIELNALINE WAY).

Please subscribe to my channel.

You will get to see posts on books I’ve read since the beginning of the year. What I think about them. The authors. Quotes I love from the books. My obsession and fascination basically.

Readers are LEADERS.

Books are absolutely wonderful.