This is how I know :

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You will wake up in the morning feeling good with yourself because you don get alert na God win.

You will rush off to the bank immediately after class to collect your money and also to send money to your younger brother because you can catch a grenade for him.
Someone will ask for your pen in the bank but you will ignore the person because the heart of man is desperately wicked. You would realise this later.
Immediately you leave the bank you will see a taxi with a colour different from the regular taxis stop in front of you. You will rush and enter without thinking. You will forget the advice of your beloved daddy : Make sure you never enter a taxi painted with a different colour. Stand until you see the correct colour.
You will forget. And you will enter.

The cab people will start speaking Yoruba you don’t understand. You will blame yourself for staying in Ibadan for four years and understanding only MABINU!
They will start saying you should shift let them close the door well and fix the rubber of the window. You will comply, not because you want to but because you are confused and have no idea what’s going on.
Next thing, you will find yourself standing in front of the bank again with no idea of what just happened and so you will enter another cab – usual taxi colour this time around, and you will give the taxi driver the #100 you were already holding in your hand and he will give you #70 change.
You will get to your room by 12pm and wake up by 3pm. You will forget you ever went to the bank. You will forget to mention it to your friend who asked. She would later say you were acting strange and was surprised at how quiet you were. You will then wake up the next morning only to realize that YOUR WALLET IS COMPLETELY EMPTY.

You will scatter your bag and destroy your wallet to be sure. But you will not find anything. This is a bag that you’ve not touched since the previous day. You were supposed to, but you didn’t. You can’t explain it.

You will look for tears and not find it because you don’t believe it.

You can’t Be Jazzed.
You are a Daughter of God!

And then you will remember ;

Chai, I didn’t pray this morning
Chai, I didn’t cover myself with the BLOOD OF JESUS!!!


But you will find solace in the fact that, it could have been worse.

You will remember the story of your friend, who was walking when some people in a cab halted to ask her a “polite” question. Next thing she found her self withdrawing all of her money – SEVENTY THOUSAND NAIRA to give this JUJU PEOPLE. You will also remember that not only did they take her money, they also commanded her to go to her room and bring all her roommates laptop which she did, her own inclusive. You will also remember how they dropped her in the middle of no where leaving her to find her way back to school with nothing. You will remember how hard she cried and how she had to replace everybody’s laptop again.

You will find solace in this and say It could have been worse”.

You will tell your self JUJU IS INDEED REAL.
Thank God they didn’t disappear with me or my organs.

*crying away my sorrow and pains at the moment*

Be careful guys, this EMBER month thing is real. ONLY IN NIGERIA. SHINE YA EYE!


Love xoxo