Agaracha must come back – Igbo Proverb.

Source : Interconnected Net.

After the hectic week and what transpired in between, I couldn’t have agreed less with one of my favorite people and here’s the trite truth : WE ARE ALL RUNNERS!

I have come to realize that we are all RUNNERS. Most of us. Running from what’s uncomfortable or what brings up fear.
The present moment is rarely adequate enough to fulfill us and so we try to escape from it in all kinds of ways. Staying in the present moment is usually uncomfortable but that’s where the growth takes place. That’s where incredible beauty resides and there’s so much deeper opportunity there. To do more. To act more. To grow more. To love more.

Running is pretty easy. It is easier than staying and doing the work. Dealing with the mess. The situation. Embracing the pain and staying with it long enough until the process completes it self and healing is found.

We are all runners. From pain. Difficult conversations. Rejection.
We never want to dig deep enough for a strong foundation let alone building on that foundation once it’s been dug up but instead we hastily run on to dog another foundation and another. And another… And Another. Forever Running.

A time will come when runners will need to stop running. It’s exhausting, they’ll be all torn up from the brush and thorns and branches scraping them all the time, whispering softly and then louder + louder: Slow down, you’re missing this; you’re wrong; it’s all in your head. 

They’ll be forced to stop, eventually. Maybe just in time, maybe just too late.

What are you running away from? Why are you so freaking scared? Why can’t you wait and embrace it? Why run????

Anyone can hide, anyone can run. Facing up to things, working through them…that’s what makes you strong.

Love xoxo