Everyday, I thank God for bringing her into my life. You don’t get to meet people like this all the time. I’m happy she’s my ROOMMATE AND FRIEND-TURNED-SISTER!
After having an awful Friday night/Saturday morning, I knew I had to “ball” a little, even though we had already made plans to meet up.

Can't stop laughing at this joke!

While waiting for the movie, we spent the time talking about SOCIETAL ILLS. It’s always like that with her. These societal ills are basically what I’ll casually summarize here.

1) Feminism. Aside the fact that I love standing up for women, I particularly love this word. And people think those who attach themselves to the concept are DEMON POSSESSED. If that is the case, Nelo and I are possessed with the FEMINIST spirit. We belong to THE SECRET SOCIETY OF STANDARDIZED FEMINISTS.

Demon possessedladies AKA FEMINISTS!

Chinelo is doing her IT in a firm in Portharcourt and you need to hear the stories of how men talk to women and how they talk about their wives. And we’ve come to understand that WE DON’T WANT TO BE THOSE TYPE OF WOMEN sitting and waiting for the husband. MBA! This Law and Engineering that we are studying can not come and waste like that because we are in a man’s house. Apparently, those women feel their husbands are working in oil companies and so they’ve got nothing to worry about.

Ha Ha Ha Ha.

I laugh.

I wish I could talk about men that were retrenched from firms and how getting back on their feet became difficult. I wish I could talk about how their wives had to summon courage to go the extra-mile, to make sure their kids get everything, to maintain the “oil standard” . But I won’t talk about it. Maybe some other time. But God forbid, We refuse to be those kind of women. I have seen young girls aged 21 – 22 about to get married, ask them why they’ve decided to tie the knot at that age and they would say : THE MAN IS MADE! What happened to you MAKING YOURSELF? developing necessary skills for the home? What happened to intellectual and emotional and personal and psychological development? Maybe Chinelo and I are different, maybe we can’t all be the same. Maybe we don’t want to go through the things our mothers went through.
We want to take over the world. Help people. Speak to people. Challenge the status quo.

Still on the matter, she told me about this conversation that she had in her office with some MEN :

MAN 1 : If I give you 2million Naira, Chinelo, what will you do with it?

Chinelo : I’ll buy land.

MAN 2 : Women do not buy lands o. Women do not.


Chinelo : T, help me carry this thing.

T : Shebi, you said you’re a FEMINIST?! Carry it your self.

“Chimdinma, these people don’t even get it”. Feminism is not the absence of chivalry.

I won’t say more.


2) THE BOY CHILD : IGBO PEOPLE! These people would do anything for a boy child and a woman who doesn’t have one might as well plunge into a great depression. Even if her husband says “I don’t care honey”, she won’t listen. And it’s not her fault! She’s scared. The society has made her scared. Remember the story I told you? About Sandra? Read Here. We talked about the house of a certain man in the village that’s about to be pulled down because he is no more and his only son too is no more. The boy child.

3) FAKE PRODUCTS : When will Nigerians stop doing this? My mum went to buy DOVE cream for me, we noticed the color of one was a  shade darker than the one we already had at home. We also noticed the smell was different and I turned the back of the cream to realise where they spelt RICH in one, they spelt RICB in the other. Shaking my head.

4) DEPRESSION : Depression is REAL! AFRICANS CAN’T SUFFER DEPRESSION has become a cliché. But I laugh again.

Ha Ha Ha Ha

I told Chinelo about this short story I read, BETHLEHEM by Chika Unigwe. Depression is real. Learn to talk to your friends about problems they mentioned to you, nobody’s got it all together. Everyone has just found a way of covering everything up with a smile and social media but trust me ALL IS NOT WELL!

5) BOOKS : Talked about how we want to read more African Literature this year, we decided we would order some books from an on-line shop especially Secret Life of Baba Segi’s Wives, we seem to be the only ones who haven’t read it.

6) PEOPLE OF IBADAN : Being Igbo In Ibadan is quite an adventure. During a two-weeks break last session, we both came up with the PEOPLE OF IBADAN PROJECT. Read more about it HERE please. And it’s been on hold because we are both in Portharcourt, but by February we should be up and running again. So we solicit for your help. Funds raised would be used to support the indigent people in Ibadan. Please, if interested, drop a comment. Thanks!


Just by the way :


We went window shopping and I saw the above CHIFFON GOWN can’t remember that fancy name now.

Price Tag : #9,100 – Nine Thousand One Hundred Naira Only. Approximately – #10,000.

Me : WTF?

Nelo : This is the goal Chimdinma.

Me : “Biko, even CHIMAMANDA NGOZI ADICHIE buys her stuffs from BALOGUN MARKET. I’ll go to market and cut material for it, I’ll give IYA LAMIDI to make it for us”

Seriously, these shops think they can come and mess with us. We know better.


Like I said, this post was intended to be as casual as possible. What societal ills do you think should be discussed though?

Yeah, the pictures, we didn’t want our TWA’S to go unnoticed. Froing all the way!

Have a nice day beautiful people.

And we'll discuss our big dreams
How we plan to take over the planet
So pardon our manners, We hope you'll understand it.

Love xoxo