Dear Nigerian Women,

Do not tell a soul that you’ve been molested or assaulted or better still, RAPED. Do not dare. Bend your head and cry in shame. Plunge into depression. Write in your diary. Suppress it in your memory. Do what you have to do but do not tell a soul. In this social media age, worse. If you do come out, you’ll get more depressed, people would say things. You will be ridiculed.

You would hear them say things like these :

Lovers of free rides. Trekk if you don’t want to get molested.

Bitch go and seat down.
All in the name of attention go and die.

Abeg make this young lady or whoever she is FACE BUSH FOR AKE.

If she isn’t suing the man in an open court where both parties can present and defend their case, what then is she trying to achieve by posting it on social media?


Did e rape her? Yes or No cus d only tin I can get from d story is dat e forcefully kissed her.

Abeg no vex ooo, why u nor alert the public when he kisses in 2014… even the people you all sat together in the car did u told them what happen to you…Mrs attention seeker of 2016.

Evidence not words.

In my view this so called (Your Name) is a fraud.

Yes, my Dear Nigerian women, they would spit on your face with their terrible English and terrible grammatical structure.
They would say you want cheap fame.
They would ask what you were doing with him.
They would say you did it for the money.
They would kill you with the words and bury you with the 5mb data they have managed to scramble. Do not come out dear one. Do not tell a soul.


Many years ago, in a small eastern town, four girls aged 10 found themselves in a mess. They couldn’t understand what had happened to their friend. She ran to the hostel, brushing her teeth, but concentrating more on the tongue.

“What is the matter dear one”

“He kissed me”


Then the tears came.

The he in question was a 70year old “HE”. An old man in whom parents had entrusted in his care their young daughters.

She wasn’t the first.

He called them “Daughters”


Few years ago, in one of the western cities, a friend ran into her friend’s room.

“He kissed me and tried doing more. I struggled…”



What are we to do if those called by God are the very perpetrators of this terrible sin?!?

He called them “Daughters”

I’m not going to pass judgements. Who am I, to shame the annointed one?


What are we to do? If these FATHERS, GRANDFATHERS and MENTORS won’t let us be?

What is a 10year old girl to do?
Big day wear gown.
Young and naive.
Has no idea about the kind of evil world she lives in.

What is that innocent girl to do? Who has just gone into the Priest’s office for fatherly greetings, Welfare support.

They are everywhere
They are amongst us
They are here
Waiting to swallow their next victim with a Rough Kiss!

Dear Nigerian Women,

Beware of those ones that call you DAUGHTER!

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Of Molestation. Of Rape. Of Abuse. Of Society. Of Womanhood. Of Broken People. Of Fathers. Of Mentors. Of Daughters.

Love xoxo