There’s something very humane about telling your own stories. I have tried severally to tell the stories of others but I’ve come to realise that I SUCK AT TELLING THE STORIES OF OTHERS.
I love telling my own stories. I love sharing my experiences. I love talking about the mundane and the extraordinary, what I love and all that. And so I want to talk about MY MIRACLE.


I come from a very religious home, like we were taught to pray about EVERYTHING. If I needed to get anything from my dad, i’ld have to pray about it. My dad prayed about EVERY. SINGLE. THING. Infact, we knew about most of the family “problems” during prayers.
I had and have never seen any one like my father. He isn’t just religious. HE HAS THIS “UNIQUE” and “ROMANTIC” RELATIONSHIP with God. It’s very intriguing and it compels you to stick around and find the secret to this electrifying relationship.


My dad does business in the oil sector and truth is since the oil price went really low and since Buhari came into power, things haven’t been so great.
We were supposed to go school and Oh boy everything was running into One Million Naira. To train pikin in this Nigeria is not a small something. My dad told us flatly : You all need to call on your father. I’m thinking “Oga Bros, na you be the only papa we know o“. He was obviously implying that we pray to God so he would get more contracts and payment from companies that owed him.

I knew my dad was in great need and he was really confused on how to meet up financially. So we began praying. Every morning we would pray and call on God to perform a Miracle. We cried unto God and begged that he would make companies give my dad contracts.

Remember I’ve been writing a lot on how I see God in people…

Monday before resumption, Uncle J, my dad’s very wonderful friend stopped by and dropped a wonderful sum of money. My father was shocked. He never mentioned anything to Uncle Johnny.


Wednesday before resumption was Ash Wednesday and we all went for the evening service. Apparently, an Uncle in church was wondering what my brother and I were still doing at home. Mind you, we were at home because school hadn’t resumed even though we waited for dad to pay in all of our required fees. The Miracle Worker made him think other wise because the next day, my brother and I got 200k from this Uncle. My father never mentioned anything to him.


A company that had been owing my dad for a very very very very very very very very very very very long time paid part of it.


They were just coming. Up and down. Left and right. From the least expected places and persons.
And just like that, I and my siblings had enough for school within one week.

Ash Wednesday just got more fulfilling! And to think my brother had a double mind about church that evening.

I got inspired to tell my Miracle story after a Facebook friend, Soogun Omoniyi posted this :


“The basketball court and my coursemate came into view. Bible in one hand, he danced around, slashing the air and commanding,

“I call forth money! Now! I declare that I have money.”

I halted and shook my head. Crazy Psychopath.

Sniggering, I tiptoed behind him and dropped three big Naira bills. I then sneaked back and slid behind a tree, awaiting the deluded wow-an-angel-has-brought-this! reaction.

Seconds later, I caught myself roaring with laughter. As expected, he had started crying. He stamped around in little circles.

“This is a miracle, another miracle! Oh faithful God!”

I felt pity for him.

It was disturbing how foolish a human being could be. Bloody Believers! Anger soon replaced the fun I was having. I was almost branching out from the tree when it suddenly hit me- his prayer just got answered.

I’d been used. Without knowing it.

Quietly, I left the tree, and the money.


Lessons from my short story.

* A miracle is not always as complex as you think. But when you see one, you’ll surely know.

* You can unconsciously be an active part in a cause you don’t believe in. Ask the Jewish soldiers. Hehehe.

* They think they’re scorning you. They don’t know they’re actually answering your prayers.

* A miracle, unlike magic is not mysterious. Its process, though may not be known by its receiver, can be explained.

*There’s always a behind-the-scene. All the coursemate saw was a miracle, the money. Until you see the BTS, don’t mock miracles and testimonies, no matter how flimsy or impossible they come. 

* Everyone! Anyone! can be used as that prayer answering angel.

* Money will not always appear this way, but your prayers will always be answered.


I have come to the knowledge and understanding that this universe is in a perfect order. There is a supreme being who hears, answers and he doesn’t play dice. I don’t know about you, but I believe in miracles and they are not coincidences, you cried out, someone heard and did the extraordinary. That’s a Miracle.

What’s your own miracle story honey?

May you all, beautiful readers, have a miraculous year!

Love, xoxo