It’s February 29, Adriel!
Every 4 years, February gets an extra day – make the most of it.


I woke up to the above message from Facebook. I already knew what I wanted to do with my day – READ SATANS & SHAITANS by Obinna Udenwe. Seeing as my Company Law class was cancelled.

But I scrolled further and I read the good news. LEORNADO DICAPRIO HAD WON THE OSCARS! SHEEEEEETTTT! I was freaking happy for him….. I haven’t stopped sharing every update about him since then. I’m happy. But this post is about Satans & Shaitans…


About the book :

Determined to overrule the Nigerian President, a corrupt and powerful secret society ,The Sacred Order of the Universal Forces, employs a terrorist cell to carry out attacks in Northern Nigeria under the guise of forming an Islamic state.
A young couple In Southern Nigeria hide their love affair from their fathers, who are members of The Sacred Order. When the girl goes missing, the men of the Order employ all their resources to find her, but do they know more than they suggest?
As the police search for the missing girl, a series of attacks are launched against members of the Order by unknown assailants, with many fatalities. With the terrorists attacks intensifying and The Sacred Order losing control, a race is launched between the police and the secret society to identify the killers, before it is too late…

Set against the backdrop of Nigeria’s ongoing terrorist tensions, SATANS AND SHAITAINS is an ambitious debut novel from an exciting new talent.


A book of 292 pages, I must say Obinna Udenwe writes very well. In simple English. You don’t need to bother about using the dictionary.
I think Obinna Udenwe is a controversial writer. First, his series on – Holy Sex, caught my attention. The guts to write about sex in such an exotic religious manner. And so when I randomly read that he was publishing this book, I didn’t waste time in contacting the publishers and ordering for my copy.

This book is controversial because it discusses Religion and Terrorism. Two critical issues in our country today. I love how he talked about the Satans and the Shaitans from the Christianity and Islamic perspective. It made me understand that we humans are capable of evil – Muslims or Christians.

I love the fact that he talked about his home town – Ebonyi, Abakaliki and their rice farming.
I love the fact that he discussed the place of consent in sexual relationship between a husband and wife seeing as most people believe there’s no such thing as MARITAL RAPE AND ABUSE.
I understood from this book that financial independence is a serious necessity for a woman – married or unmarried.
I love the little lines he allocated to the Ghana-Nigeria comparison.
I love the fact that he opened our eyes to terrorism in Nigeria. It left me asking questions like : What if there’s more to the stories we see in the dailies?
I love that he made me mentally travel to Ebonyi in search of William Island.
That’s the thing about writing, it’s an Avenue to talk about your roots and the places you love and the places you want others to know about.

The plots weren’t complicated and twisted, it was an easy read with an okay suspense.

There’s so much I want to talk about, but I don’t wanna be a spoiler. Lol


Obinna Udenwe is one of the most prolific young short story writers in Nigeria. He was born in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, and became politically active at a young age…His stories have appeared in Fiction365, Ehanom Review, Brittle Paper, Tribe, Kalahari Review, Alariwo, African Writer, Outside In Magazine, Books Live, etc.
In 2014 he was honored with the award of the ‘State Literary Icon’ by the Governor of Ebonyi State. He is also a joint winner, ANA Prose Prize 2015.


Dear Facebook, you see, I made good use of my extra day. On to my next book. If I got paid for every book I read, I would be a millionaire.

Word of Encouragement : Leo won the Oscars! It was time. Every movie was a HIT : TITANIC, DJANGO, WOLF OF WALL STREET, THE GREAT GATSBY, REVENANT.
You know he ate a raw meat in REVENANT?! Yup… Such Dedication and Perseverance. All I’m saying is this, Do your thing. Act like your very existence is dependent on that passion of yours. One day, you will be remembered. The wait might be long but trust me you will be remembered. Just like LEO DICAPRIO…..

DO YOU KNOW OBINNA UDENWE began the journey of Satans & Shaitans since 2007? Yes….

Do your thing honey and always know that EVERYTHING GOOD WILL COME – that’s my next read.

Obinna Udenwe : Picture gotten from Facebook

Enjoy the rest of the week Lovies…

Love xoxo