I’ve been very busy. With final year. With school. With books. With my life. Been reading Sefi Atta’s book – Everything Good Will Come and it’s taking me forever to finish it because, busy. But not to worry guys, I’ll give you all the review once I’m done.

I love me my social media, anytime. Simply because within the past one year I’ve met a lot of wonderful people, beautiful people, soul brothers and sisters with the same advanced mind and I always make it a point to stalk their profiles each day to read their wise nuggets.

It’s past 12:00am, I’m studying for my next Company Law class but some people have made it a point to pee in the water that I drink and God forbid that I allow them do that. Not my water. Not in my cup. I’ll stop them with this blog post.



Phone has been switched off since 7:00pm, because, studying. I turned it on to check few things on line when some group of friends sent this to my Whatsapp. They were “finding trouble”, but I wouldn’t give in to the Devil. I ignored.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

About this picture :

1) Did Denzel Washington really say this?! Please If yes, what movie? (Waiting for answers…) or the usual abuse of his handsome face?

2) Our Generation is so busy trying to prove that women can do what men can do……. STOP! HOLLUP!!!

Are you all myopic? Can’t you see that women can really do what men can do? In the previous generations, Women didn’t need to work so hard because, farm and yam barns. Because, early marriage. Because, no education and economic responsibility was less. Because, communal style of living. Because, OLDEN DAYS!!!

But this is OUR GENERATION, OUR GENERATION! And yes, Women can do what men do. Even better.

Daughters weren’t sent to school before, but now daughters go to primary, secondary, tertiary institutions and break records. I won’t call names. It is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf.

I remember my younger sister who is really smart – best student in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. She’s a twin by the way, her twin is super smart too, but Mercy happens to be in a separate class with a serious competition. Lol. My Grandmother asked that they come spend few weeks with her in Owerri. On their return, Goodness told me something casually. Yes, their names are GOODNESS AND MERCY and I’m super proud of them. This is what she told me ;

Chichi, Grand mummy told me to be a nurse so my husband would build a maternity for me when I grow up.

I laughed. And said naaaaa…

Gugu, you’re going to be a Doctor and you will build hospitals with maternities and you will employ people. You can do it and so much more….

She was inspired and encouraged.

Their Generation (Grandmother) . My Generation (Grandchildren).

We’ve done so well for ourselves that we need not prove anything anymore. It’s glaring. We can do what men can do. But not in a bad way, rather in a way that screams :

We have since longed for the opportunity to be heard.

Look around you, The President of Croatia is a WOMAN. A SMART, STRONG, EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN. And so is the President of Germany, Liberia, Argentina and Bangladesh. YOU think it would have been possible in their generation? THE OLDEN DAYS?! It’s Our Generation.

We don’t need to prove shit to nobody. Yup. Shit.

Do not pee in the water I drink.

3)   …. That women are loosing their uniqueness..

Biko how?

Aren’t we still giving birth to gifted children?
Aren’t we still “falling in love with the men?”
Aren’t we still having menstrual cycles?

What exactly do you mean by uniqueness?

Staying in the kitchen? Letting your dreams die so those of your husband can soar? Abandoning yourself because of Society? What exactly is this uniqueness?

The one who keeps her mouth shut in the face of injustice? The one who refuses to speak up because, they will say it isn’t womanly? The one who doesn’t challenge stereotypes?

Define Uniqueness for me please. Then let’s talk. Maybe I don’t understand.

Because Unique for me is a mother of six, waking up by 4:00am every single morning, getting the family breakfast, going to work, coming back in the evening and preparing supper. That is unique.

She runs around for the economic development of the family. The man runs around too. Is that a crime?

4)   ….. Women weren’t created to do everything a man can do.

I agree. Like standing to pee. We know.

Because seriously that’s the only thing I can think of…

Mothers run the family now alongside the father.
They make decisions together. They do not want their daughters to be mutilated in their genitals. They do not want their children to be married out as babies. Gone are those when they were regulated to the background.

Their Generation. Our Generation.

5)    ….. Women were created to do everything a man can’t do.


Carry a child for nine months.
Go to work.
Prepare food for the husband who goes to work same time as his wife and yet comes back same time she does.
Remember Birthday dates and important dates.
Talk to the children because most times, 99% of the time, fathers are seen as scary.
Wash the clothes…

I’m talking too much sef

More like this…



To think this woman might be a Teacher, Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Professor, Researcher, Preacher, Banker etc…..


Even being a “HOUSE WIFE” is a full time job…

But you see. This is my generation. Our Generation. And we don’t even need to prove anything, because, let’s face the reality, WHAT A MAN CAN DO A WOMAN CAN DO. BETTER.

Except standing to pee. Outside. Because we are unique like that.

So Biko, Please, Ejor….

Do not pee in the water I drink.

I’m a Woman. And I can do so much better than you can even imagine. Wait for it.

Read. Share.

Daalu. Thank you.

Love xoxo