Hello beautiful people!

It’s been 10days since I last posted here and it seems like forever. There’s so much I want to say and talk about but I do not have the words yet; I know I’ll write about them one day because one thing is sure; dying with an untold story inside you is a big loss.

I’m an angry person but before you judge me I want to let you know that the average Nigerian is angry.

I take Revenue law also known as taxation law as an elective in school. The essence of taxation is that when administered properly it comes back to the tax payers by way of social amenities; but in Nigeria, the reverse is the case.

In Revenue Class.



We take revenue classes in the moot and mock court, the classes aren’t enough. Writing is difficult here; but we write anyway.

It’s a shame that we are told to pay taxes when we don’t see the rewards; we were fanning ourselves with our books because no light. And yet you want people to pay taxes? Two big standing AC’S in that class but they’ve never been put on. In Nigeria, we study under heat and still manage to pass our exams. I’m typing this post with a 14% battery and hoping they bring it soon.

Usually with Fifty Naira only, I could get to the school gate and back and use the remaining Ten Naira to buy two sachets of pure water. But now, I need Sixty Naira to get to the school gate and Twenty Naira for two sachets of pure water. And instead of taking a cab from the faculty to my hall directly, I take a cab to the gate then to the hall because the fares have been doubled no thanks to the fuel scarcity.

Mother has not been paid since the year began but apparently the Governor of Rivers State just bought two large tour buses.

My Jurisprudence lecturer keeps talking about the conspiracy of silence and how we never speak up in the face of injustice or when necessary. But a guy in school joined a protest (very peaceful student hostel protest) last year for light and water, he was bundled to the Student Disciplinary Committee and given an extra semester.

I think a lot these days; about my future. It’s terrifying, some days I close my eyes and get lost in thoughts, with tears streaming down my eyes,I cry a lot. I think of my best friend who is long gone; I know she’s in a better place. I think of the void and emptiness I feel within, I think of how lonely I feel in the midst of so much laughter. I think of the fact that at age 22 I’ve not achieved a thing.

To stop myself from thinking like a mad woman I signed up for a wonderful creative writing class, It’s been an eye opener. My writing sucks and I’m hoping I get better with every task. I have read short stories by John Updike, John Cheever, Junot Diaz, Antonya Nelson etc and I’m in awe. I love that I’m learning a lot, I love that I stepped out of my comfort zone to do this. I love that books and stories help my wandering thoughts.

I have a knack for saving a lot of online pages simply because school activities are overwhelming and I hardly have time to read them. I had a free moment today and so I stumbled across one of the many saved pages, I read it but it was the comments that made my heart melt. I love what stories do to us, they go straight into the heart, rattle, and make you speak up. This story reminded me again of the plight of women and how they go through life dealing with assault, Rape, Molestation. It’s sickening. PLEASE READ :

Despite our anger in Nigeria we still have a heart for charity. I’ll be supporting the OUT ON A LIMB CAUSE by walking a mile this Saturday, It’s a charity walk aimed at raising funds for people who have lost their limbs.



Finally, a girl without her kinks is like a Leopard without its spots. I’m talking about my hair now. It’s doing really well, I’m trying my best to take care of it, it’s literally the closest thing I have to a lover.

Afro Attorney : Wednesday
Afro Attorney : Tuesday

I guess I’ll be rocking my hair this way for a while. It’s called twist lock – the style. I got my friend to twist my hair, before every twist she would apply Lock and Twist Gel on the cutout section. After that, I tied a silk scarf and the next day I loosened the twists without combing. The Afro is growing, I’m happy.


It’s depressing living in Nigeria, the hardship is becoming unbearable but we have an anchor in Christ Jesus. Yes, I do not know what we would have done without our faith.

Thanks for reading….

Love xoxo