Day 3 of the protest. In front of the school gate with my book by HELON HABILA!

I’m tired of the silence. This silence that has killed Nigeria. This silence that MAY ruin us.
It is this silence that makes my mother go to work every morning even though she hasn’t been paid her salary since February. It is this silence that makes the people of Osun State go to work even though they are still being owed one year salary. What about the silence that has ruined the people of Akure, to think they have not been paid since October and yet they still go to work!
Silence. Quiet. Ruin. Death.

Now. The silence has become too loud. The silence has become deafening.

A student was given an extra semester in the University of Ibadan for doing absolutely nothing. We refused. I joined the fight in my own way. Going to the school gate every day screaming ;



A law student wrote one of the best things I’ve read in a while about the colonial ruins that we call male hostels ( click here to read ) and you won’t believe they served him an SDC (Students Disciplinary Committee) letter.

This past few days of protest has taught me the beauty of unity. The beauty of coming together and screaming : THIS IS WHAT WE WANT AND THIS IS WHAT WE DO NOT WANT!

Students cooking in front of school gate. They have brought out the beasts in intellectuals.

Law students have been taught not to protest.
“If you want to go to law school, do not join a protest. Do not scream about light and water. Keep quiet so you can go to law school!”
But what’s the essence of being a law student if I can’t speak out and fight for my own right? If I can’t speak out and fight for the rights of others?

Everyday I go to the front of the school gate, I’m optimistic that my generation may get it right. Everyone in front of the school gate, talking, discussing, angry, cheering, playing games… My heart is filled with pure joy.

Institutions like the University of Ibadan, University of Nigeria Nsukka are supposed to be self-sufficient. That is, these institutions should be able to provide 24hours light (Independent of whether we have constant power supply in Nigeria) , renovate hostels constantly, treat students with dignity. There’s an Auba Dam in the University of Ibadan that can be used to generate electricity. Oh Yes! But I doubt if these so-called professors think about such. The system is a mess.

I believe our generation will be different.

I write so that I can scream. In the words of Queen Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie : TO WRITE IS TO REJECT SILENCE.

I now know that what we need is a REVOLUTION!

Now I can boldly say :

“A luta continua… … A vitória é certa” “The struggle continues… …victory is certain”


If the lock down is long enough I'll have ample time to give y'all a review of MEASURING TIME BY HELON HABILA.

Love xoxo