As sojourners, we set out believing there were no obstacles
We progressed thinking falling was impossible
We were wrong to have thought the road was without debacles
We were foolish to think there would be no crucibles

Then all of a sudden, we found ourselves on the floor
Fallen, downcast and surprised we felt so bad
Immune to falling our standing is ever sure
A mistaken belief. The fall has caught us off guard

Though we have fallen, we are still breathing
Struck down but not destroyed there is a second chance
Quit hopelessness. Get up and start believing
That you can still stand no matter the circumstance

It’s okay to fall and feel intense pain
But it’s not okay to fall and never rise again

Your fall is a setback you can make a comeback
The road to the pinnacle is not without debacles
Sorry about the sadness in your veins you can still buckle
Up. Forge ahead, move on and stop looking back

Fall six times, rise up seven times. Hark!
Eating disappointment and drinking guilt is not cool
Get up and try again. Break the shackle
Of retreat and climb again before it becomes dark

Don’t let your conclusion be your fall
You won’t be remembered if you give up
Ignore the storm and press on. You are close to the shore

Let your rise be the conclusion. Here is a clarion call
Shake it off and let people remember you for standing up
You can rise again! So what are you waiting for?

Written By Ayanfe Philip (Mr. Pino)


Ayanfe Philip is a final year law student of University of Ibadan. He loves writing poems and poems of love and lovelorn are his forte. Above all, he loves motivating people.
His poetry would be posted on this blog every Sunday. Stay connected!