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They said I have loved with a love more than love
As I got myself locked in your cell and became your prisoner
The treaty of fetters was signed and you became my jailer
Faithful and obedient unto death I became as gentle as a dove

Even in your shackles and fetters, all I feel is freedom
Because my love for you comforts me in your shackles
And so I write as a freeman in the fetters of stardom
As I anticipate an upgrade on your outdated manacles

I do not desire an escape. God forbid a prison break!
Keep my prison in the oblivion. You are the only visitor I desire
In your prison, all I breathe is you so my life is not at stake
Flaunt the prison keys and show them I’m willing to be your martyr

All they see is shackles but all I see is deliverance
From them. They mock my fetters and ridicule my bond
But it is immaterial for all i do is celebrate our bond
Bound by you and free from them, I love my prison circumstance.

By Ayanfe Philip.