On the second day, we were told to write an acrostic poem.

This is how it is done. You write the sentence letter by letter from top to bottom of the page, and every letter of the sentence becomes the first letter in each line of the poem. She gave us : YOU CAN CHANGE THE WAY IT ENDS. We were also told to think of a moment in time that you wish had happened differently and rewrite that ending with the poem.


You are my mother
Only you can love the way you do
Undiluted love

Courage in times of despair
A beauty that is distinct
Not what the society defines

Carrying with you stories
Heaving a sigh of relief
Never forgetting to say to us
Girls do not inherit the silence
Every day I kook at you in awe

Tell them your story mother
How you found a way
Even in the bleak of situations

We are so grateful
And words won’t suffice
You are the light in my darkness

It is because of you I strive
To challenge the status quo

Everything I do is for you Nne m
Nkemakola m, what I call you
Daalu. For saying this;
Silence. Do not inherit my silence.

Writing this was so difficult. I couldn’t think of the right words to complete the first letter. But it was my mum’s birthday that day and so I came up with what you see up there. It’s obviously not as good as what some people came up with. But I dksjt give up!!!


I also loved these three from Day 2 of the workshop;




Try writing your own acrostic poem with YOU CAN CHANGE THE WAY IT ENDS and feel free to drop it at the comments section.

Love and plenty Sunshine!!!