Dearest people of Adrielnaline.

I hope you all are well? I have not been able to post anything on my blog just because I graduate from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, in a month’s time. December 1st to be specific. I have exams coming up and I have been reading for my finals. I’ll be back and better.

Few weeks ago, I applied for the Etisalat Prize for Literature – Flash Fiction category. My story was accepted and my story is up for votes. I need your help family. But before then, read my flash fiction:

The putrid smell of the hospital filled my nostrils as I waited for the doctor at the hospital’s reception; he came in five minutes later, a stethoscope dangling from his neck while his hands held two blue folders which he kept flipping through.

“Your mother is a slow healer” he said. “She lets the pain visit, she welcomes it, she embraces it, carves a place for the pain in her soul and she lets it overstay.”

This was true; when father ended their marriage of fifteen years to be with another woman, mother’s life collapsed with withdrawal as she struggled to live. She would look at their wedding pictures, as though waiting for father to walk out of the frame, holding her with the sane tenderness he had in the pictures.

Because of mother, I know it is true that your body begins to die, first in small ways, when you have old resolved emotional feelings inside; I know this because after one thousand and ninety days of father’s absence, malignant tumours carved a home in mother’s ovaries and even when the tumours went away and her body healed; her mind still lingered on to the Saturday afternoon when Uncle John ate the poisoned garri and ofe oha that she left for father.


So this is how to vote:

1) visit, go to the search bar and type in the name of my story – SLOW HEALER. Give it few seconds and a bigger font of SLOW HEALER would appear just below the search bar. Click on it and you’ll be directed to this page 👎👎👎. Click on the number 56 to vote. You’ll be directed to your Facebook login page, keep clicking on 56 (or any other number there, just below Nigeria) until you’ve seen YOU HAVE ALREADY VOTED :


2) Visit This page will directly lead you to the photo just above. ☝☝☝
Do same by clicking on the number just below “Nigeria”.

Thank you guys.

Comment if you’re somewhat confused and need more clarification.

My win is your win.

Love and Light.