bd 2017-03-27 at 4.05.08 PMHey Beautiful People,

It has been a while. Lagos has been doing me and I have been doing Lagos too. LOL!

I turned 23 on Monday. I am super grateful to God for the gift of life. I didn’t particularly have “fun”, but Mr. Biyi (A partner at the firm) had the good mind to take my friends and I for lunch at Eko Hotels.


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Mr. Biyi. Glad I met him.

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I have told my Chi to ensure 23 is good to me. I know my Chi is listening. I am learning to breath. To bask in my little achievements. To forgive myself for not loving the corporate world (And for receiving the insults that come with it; Chimdinma, you are invisible in this place). To accept my burning desire to be an artistic person. I am BECOMING.

This message by my dearest sister CHIAMAKA NWANGWU brought tears to my eyes. Like literally, I was just crying. I will share it here because it means a lot to me.


The birthday
Location: Law of Commercial Transactions Class
I am so beautifully flawed, so perfectly imbalanced. I fell into a gutter opposite Queens last week, those annoying dogs chased me around Barth Road to St. Ann’s this evening, my left eye is starting to look more “quarter past four” each day.

As I cat walked into my law of commercial transactions class this morning I tripped and fell on my face. My life is a series of unfortunate events personified. In fact God and I are going to have a conversation about the life choices he dictated for me; but there is one thing I cannot be thankful enough to God for. The capacity to bless me with the absolutely most amazing people in the world As without him I would not have met Chimdinma Adriel Onwukwe. And I do not think I would be the Chiamaka I am today without Chimdinma.

It is because of Chidinma Onwukwe that I go to bed early now.
Because of her I no longer feel like dying when I wake up in St. Ann’s reading room and realize that I am still on Page 1.
It is because of Chimdinma that I smile and sleep. I wake and read.
It is because of Chimdinma that breakfast has become sitting cross-legged on my room floor and dissolving cabin biscuits into milk and water with her silver bowl.
It is because of Chimdinma that make up no longer feels like performing plastic surgery on my face, because sometimes all you need is black eye pencil and a touch of red lipstick and then you can live a little.
It is because of Chimdinma that I disappear into the institute of African Studies every Thursday and lose myself in a world of literature and fiction and anthropology that have become second nature to me.
It is because of Chimdinma that I met Anosi, Seyi , Promise, Ore, Ibukun; people who always took care of me, made sure that I was fine. Because of her I would go to class in a taxi with fifth year law students.
It is because of Chimdinma that I have two sisters instead of one.

Chimdinma is beautiful but that is not the beautiful part. Chimdinma does not realize she is beautiful. nemo dat quod non habet. Chimdinma defies Latin, she defies logic. She gives even when she does not have. She is strong. She does not give up.

It is Chimdimna who one day looked at the world and decided to write poetry.

It is Chimdinma who left me at the back of the LLT rereading “Ada nedum”. Who left me wondering how a writer could be this beautiful. Chimdinma is a paradox. She is the kind of woman books are written about.

Thank you so much for 3am conversations. For brittle paper. For truppr run. For Igboness. For Feminism. For dynamica. For Ibadan. For African books. For hilarious tales of Igbo relatives

Ada Nedum!!..

I laugh when people ask me how I can cope without you and Nelo by my side.

Do they not know that you cannot miss a person you carry in your heart?
Happy Birthday my love
PS: My afro is bigger than yours


For Sisters, I am forever grateful.


Love and Light guys.