(Intro; I share a Whatsapp group page currently called : THE DRY GROUP with Chinelo and Chiamaka. Two of my favourite people in the world. These NYSC conversations go on in the group page. The name of the group is subject to change (It was once ROOM 38 BABES, ALWAYS AND FOREVER…etc etc) and I am the ADMIN. *Fans Self*)


Nelo Nwangs: Guys you know this series on how laziness, procrastination etc saved my life? Well I applied that principle here on, after receiving a wonderful advise from Oliseh and it worked!!!


Chiamaka and I: Who is Oliseh?


(Chinelo Ignores this)

Nelo Nwangs: Camp was supposed to resume on Wednesday but Oliseh advised I go on Thursday (as he had been advised by someone else; he went with stream 1). This advise was gold!! I breezed in with my power bike okada from the junction to the camp premises. There were security officials at the gate who were supposed to search us, I was directed to an elderly lady to undergo my ‘search’. She asked if I had a cup, fork, blade, flasks, stapler and pins (these items were on a list that was circulated as things that were highly needed at the camp) I mumuishly told the woman I had a cup and a fork and I was asked to submit it for safekeeping until the end of the camp😏

I expected to be thoroughly searched afterwards; as people whom I met when I got there were told to pour everything out of their boxes. But in my case – because Jesus baby!! 😊 – I wasn’t searched. The woman received a call and had to leave immediately. After that was done, a little boy helped me with my load, I paid him 50 Naira afterwards). He dropped the load at my hostel. I was assigned to Block 4 room 1. Luckily the room had just 2 people😁 (perks of resuming on the second day).

I took my time o and searched for one fine strong Mouka foam and pillow from an empty room in the block. Then I laid my bed and was already prepared to leave when one short Yoruba uncle came and started shouting that the block we occupied wasn’t meant for corpers. According to him, in the history of NYSC Corpers had never stayed in that block. It was for people like him: elite members of staff 😏😏
That’s how we were kicked outta block 4 room 1 to Block 5 room 1. In this new room, I met Vivan (UI, Microbiologist) and Chinonso (Bowen) who were my waka waka registration buddies for the rest of the day. (Both Igbo from Imo state by the way). Registration for me wasn’t difficult (another advantage of my lateness). There were no queues at all. I was assigned to platoon 6 who has a seemingly okay leader (for today, only God knows what tomorrow holds ).

Me: Piiiicccttuurrreeeeesssssssss

Nelo Nwangs: Because my platoon kits weren’t ready when I registered I had to sit around for hours to wait for it. Thankfully Vivian and Nonso, who already had theirs, waited with me. Some of the officials of platoons were just angry- shouting at adult men anyhow.

One soldier even had to complain that they were not treating the northerners well (apparently the news spread to the high quarters fast) and I do not blame the NYSC officials. I witnessed one Northerner registering in a platoon. The official there was shouting at him horribly. I felt sorry for him.

But the official shouted because the guy couldn’t write. He couldn’t write 2017- he wrote it as 201/7. Where he was asked to write title, I think he wrote his address or so. In summary the guy could barely write, so they were wondering how he graduated from Uni.

I eventually got my kits and of course they were massive. Had to take them to maami for fitting. Imagine 1500 just to amend something!! When I wasn’t seeing new kaki😏

 Me: Sewing sister. Sewing. Continue the gist…

Nelo Nwangs: We gave the tailor the clothes by 8-ish. She said we should come back 9:30 to get them. We were there by 10 and the clothes were not ready!!!! tailors ehnn. We waited there why she was re-amending some of the amendments she made because the clothes were still massive. Before we knew what was happening, soldiers poured into mammi to send us away.

I was legit scared of those people choii. Their faces were just hard like strong poopoo😂We had to get food too, so we were just hurrying .Everyone started hurrying really fast. I think some police guys came and gave us two minutes to buy our food (God bless them). Only for soldiers to come and tell all of us to gerraway. We finally got to the hostel to see people carrying buckets and looking hopeless. There was no water😱😱.
I had to use the 50 Naira pure water I bought to pour on my borry!!!


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Chinelo is currently undergoing the orientation programme in Ogun State. She plans on redeploying to Lagos after the orientation camp bruhaha. Chinelo Nwangwu graduated with a First Class Honours from the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. She studied Petroleum Engineering.



Hey Guys, I hope you enjoyed this. For my friends outside Nigeria who may not have an idea of what NYSC is all about, I will do a quick summary culled from the NYSC website:

“The NYSC scheme was created in a bid to reconstruct, reconcile and rebuild the country after the Nigerian Civil war. The unfortunate antecedents in our national history gave impetus to the establishment of the National Youth Service Corps by decree No.24 of 22nd May 1973 which stated that the NYSC is being established “with a view to the proper encouragement and development of common ties among the youths of Nigeria and the promotion of national unity”…….


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