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Platoon 6 Kitchen Duty


(Intro; Because she forgot the events of Day 4)





Nelo Nwangs: People in my camp have a number of peculiar attributes. A lot of the ladies fixed their eyelashes; very horrible lashes I must add…

Chiamaka: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚



Nelo Nwangs: …that just makes you stare and stare at them and you can only barely stop yourself from offering to forcefully pull the lashes out and rid their faces of such ugliness.


The guys on the other hand are a handful. A good number of them feel they have a sense of entitlement to all female corp members. No day passes without a strange looking man or boy photobombing your picture (not the cool photobombing where the picture ends up looking nice o! Nahh, the annoying one where someone shoves his big unwanted head into your otherwise beautiful selfie)


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Like this One. Can You Just Imagine 

I know how many people I’ve had to give short lectures on the importance of politely asking for my permission before touching MY tag which I am wearing on MY neck which belongs to ME.


I have equally ignored a similar number of these beings who feel they can sit somewhere majestically and beckon on me to come to them and I’ll come running like a puppy. A friend of mine said guys do this to ‘catch fun’ (as he does it too). I asked why he would be ‘catching fun’ at some one else’s expense to which he replied: no one can die because they touched their tag na…


One final trend I have noticed with these wonderful guys is that they feel they must always pay for their lady friend’s expenses. I had this experience with two guys, so I’ll make conclusions based on future experiences I may have.

Note: It’s different when they ask you to come have lunch or dinner at mammi. This one ehnn as long as they are with you when you are buying something, they’d bring their money out to pay.

Witness (Computer Science, Unilag ) was the first to do this. I went to buy chicken and chips at mammi. I had my 1k in my hand o! I’m sure he saw it. But once the mallam was done serving my food, he rushed and brought our his money to pay. I was pained ehnnn. I kept on saying this is unacceptable, I’m perfectly capable of paying for myself blablabla (low key I was alright sha, cos baby girl garra save some cash). I sha decided to buy malt for both of us instead. He wanted to pay for this as well. But I hurriedly paid instead.

Nnanna (Microbiology, UNN) went along with myself and Vivian(my camp buddie) to buy food at Mama Adaeze’s Igbo food place in mammi market. Vivian’s plate of oha soup and garri cost #200. My plate of jollof rice (100) plantain (100) two fish (150) and fanta (100) cost #450 in total. I remember thinking chaii ego m agago as I paid for my meal before going to sit. Vivian also paid for hers. Nnanna ordered his food last. We had barely settled into our meals (Vivian and I) when one of the attendants at the restaurant brought back the money we paid. Nnanna had covered our bills and asked them to return our money to us
Now I don’t know if this thing they do is a means to an end (whatever end they may be seeking) or if they actually believe they are supposed to always pay.

Oh yeah! Another one happened with witness. I wanted to buy a bag of pure-water for #180 but had 1k. The lady looked as though change would be a problem for her so witness offered his #500 instead and she gave him change for that. I said thank you to him. In response he said; Thank God I didn’t pull off the stunt I pulled at mami, complaining because he paid for me.




Me: LMAO!!! While I find these experiences ridiculously funny. Why is somebody’s name WITNESS???


Nelo Nwangs: The same reason people’s names are Great, Speed Well etcπŸ˜„




P/S: So a Father and Mother named their child EXACTLY!