Hello Guys,

It has been forever. I have been working on so many projects, coupled with getting ready for law school.

I have a new website. I had a few glitches that stalled its launching and so rather than wait for it to be “complete” I have decided to keep you all updated.

The Afro Reader was born out of a passion and deep love for AFRICAN LITERATURE. I felt the need to have a space that concentrates fully on African Literature and to make it – african literature, as cool as possible.

How do we promote the reading culture? How do we get people more invested in stories? How would these stories promote literacy and social thinking? These and so much more are the things I hope to achieve with The Afro Reader brand. 

I would still write about my experiences here as I have been doing but more of my BOOK RELATED POSTS would be on the website. And from the new website, you can easily access this blog through a category called “BLOG”. Interviews with writers would be on the website and so much more!!!

I have a YouTube channel, THE AFROREADER – promoting books visually, linking themes with societal happenings. 



Thanks for taking this journey with me.

Love and Light