I help run KAWE BOOK CLUB!!! I have written a short article on the blog – READING BETTER IN 2018. Enjoy


Compliments of the Season Everyone!

A lot of us are obviously making new year goals and all that – It is an amazing thing. The end of something calls for refelections and the beginning of another calls for goals and lists.
As book nerds and bibliophiles, we constantly have books piled up which we ought to read but have not yet found the time. It is really difficult to read books, especially literary works, if you work a 9-5. And if you live in a city like Lagos, it is almost impossible!

We know you want to read those books in 2018. So we have come up with tricks and ways to make you read more books…faster and better.



These are recordings of texts. They save time – You can listen to audio books while washing, cleaning the house, driving etc. Audio books are also very…

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