Happy New Year Amazing People!!!

Super glad we all made it into the New Year!

If you are anything like me – then you are a well planned person. Thoughtful to a fault. Waiting for the right time to cry, to smile, to say hi, to call…to just be.

But there is really no right time to be anything in the real sense.
One of my best friends called me few days ago and I said –

“Biko, I am not happy. I think my life is on hold and I think I would be happier once I am done with Law school”

He laughed and did a little bit of scolding, saying;

“You said the same thing while you were interning in Lagos. You said you were going to be happy after Internship and you could not wait to begin Law School…Chimdinma there is no right time to be happy. Your happiness is now. Create your own happiness”

*Face Palm*

I had to do a rethink. I remember my mantra in 2017 – I kept on repeating this to a certain friend :


I said this all the time in 2017. Like I was waiting for something grand to happen before I could express my happiness or gratitude to God. What a big shame!

Well, no more!!! I have to create my own happiness because all I have is NOW. Right Now. Now. There is no right time to be the best version of myself or live my best life. We have to be happy on purpose. In 2018, I am going to be deliberate and Intentional in creating my own happiness.

Truth is, it is really difficult to be happy in a society like ours. But this 2018, I am going to CREATE my happiness regardless. I will OWN by happiness no matter what happens.

Create your happiness. Now!!!

This is not a motivational post.

Love and Light!
Happy New Year!