The Love You Give Yourself Is The One That Will Heal You – Kamnelechukwu Susan Obasi

Beautiful People!

How have you all been?

The Afro Reader website is up and running and I am excited about the many ideas in my head. 

I started a series : CONVERSATIONS!

Conversations is a weekly interview series with some of my favorite poets, novelists and book enthusiasts. 

Kamnelechukwu is as beautiful as her name. Her voice is a blend of milk mixed with purehoney. I first heard her talk at the Author’s Talk programme organized by the Kate Tales Foundation. I have always been a fan of her work but it was really great putting a face to the art. And so when the website was ready, she was top on my interview list. In this interview, she talks about her book BRAVE, photography, her phobia for flying roaches and her friendship with Romeo Oriogun – Winner of the 2017 Brunel Prize! All in 20 Simple Questions! When I read through the email, I felt as though I had come out of a liberating theraphy session. 

Kamnelechukwu is a Documentary photographer and storyteller from Ebonyi, Nigeria. She holds a degree in Computer Science. She acted as a contributor for the NORTH IS NOT NOT team whilst travelling and changing narratives about Northern Nigeria in 2016. Her Ongoing Project seeks to document the male body and its issues which it rather chooses to internalize by using silence as punishment and also defiance as well as how it deals with the decision to define ourselves, name ourselves and speak for ourselves than have others do it for us.

Her work has been featured on KONBINI, ELSIEISY and SISTER NAMIBIA. 

This interview has a lot of soul! Enjoy!
Click HERE!!!!! …. to read the remaining of the interview and to download her book, BRAVE!!! 

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Poetry from BRAVE!

Love and Light!


THE LAST WORDS by Titilope Sonuga

This poem has to be one of the most wonderful things I’ve read this year. Titilope sees through me. I hope it melts your heart as much as it did mine.

Source: BellaNaija.

“It’s not you, It’s me”

“I just need some time alone to figure things out.”

“I feel like I’m holding you back.”

“you’re too good for me”

“I’m not the man you need me to be right now.” Continue reading “THE LAST WORDS by Titilope Sonuga”



On the third day, we were told to bring an object or objects to life in a room that we spend a lot of time in and speak from its perspective about what it has observed about us. Maybe it has seen our joys, heart breaks, the lies we’ve told, our successes, our fears and so on… What do we look like to a thing you barely notice.

Continue reading “POETRY. DAY THREE”



On the second day, we were told to write an acrostic poem. Continue reading “POETRY. DAY TWO”



I could not commit to my morning-ish plans. I’m sorry. I’m here with the poems.
On the first day, we were told to write a poem of 15lines in which the following words should be present; LIVE, NEED, TORTURE, WALK, NOISE, FAITH.

Continue reading “POETRY. DAY ONE.”


If a poem hasn’t ripped apart your soul; you haven’t experienced poetry.” -Edgar Allan Poe.

Photo from Titi's twitter page

Hey everyone! Kedu? Bawoni? How far? My middle name might as well be PROCASTINATOR!!! Everytime I pick up my phone or laptop to write this particular post, I end up doing a million other things.


Picture Source : Google

They said I have loved with a love more than love
As I got myself locked in your cell and became your prisoner
The treaty of fetters was signed and you became my jailer
Faithful and obedient unto death I became as gentle as a dove
Continue reading “THE PRISONER”


Picture Source : Google

Why have you chosen the mediocre mind, the mind of the slave
When there is a king in you waiting to be discovered?
Your desire to be ordinary will be the conduit to your early grave
Because your full potentials you have willingly covered
Continue reading “YOU ARE NOT A MEDIOCRE”



As sojourners, we set out believing there were no obstacles
We progressed thinking falling was impossible
We were wrong to have thought the road was without debacles
We were foolish to think there would be no crucibles

Continue reading “RISE AGAIN”

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