Of Scars, Kindness of Strangers and Healing Wounds

Hello Beautiful People! It is the last day of the Year! 2017 was a very DRAMATIC YEAR. I have missed writing here. I wrote something I have been putting off for a very long time.

2017 was a dramatic year. I loved the people I met during my internship.

I read more books.


I got into Law school – not my preferred choice of campus. But I have amazing new friends.

I started running a bookclub – KAWE AFRICA BOOK CLUB.


2017 was DRAMATIC!


2018 is for setting the Bar on Fire!

I hope you enjoy this short piece. Of Scars. The Kindness of Strangers. Healing Wounds.

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Hello Beautiful People! It is the last day of the Year! 2017 was a very DRAMATIC YEAR. I have missed writing here. I wrote something I have been putting off for a very long time.

I hope you enjoy it.



Lagos = Scars.

Mental scars. Emotional scars. Physciological scars. Physcial scars.

One night in July, I was coming back from work. It was raining. I stopped at the Ajah junction looking for a Keke that would take me down to my estate. No keke stopped for me. It was unsual, but I figured it was the rain that made them Ignore passengers. After about twenty minutes of waiting under the rain, I finally found a keke. It was just one space left in front. I hesitated because this one actually stopped for me! But I had been waiting forever, so I had no choice but to…

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Reading Better In 2018

I help run KAWE BOOK CLUB!!! I have written a short article on the blog – READING BETTER IN 2018. Enjoy


Compliments of the Season Everyone!

A lot of us are obviously making new year goals and all that – It is an amazing thing. The end of something calls for refelections and the beginning of another calls for goals and lists.
As book nerds and bibliophiles, we constantly have books piled up which we ought to read but have not yet found the time. It is really difficult to read books, especially literary works, if you work a 9-5. And if you live in a city like Lagos, it is almost impossible!

We know you want to read those books in 2018. So we have come up with tricks and ways to make you read more books…faster and better.



These are recordings of texts. They save time – You can listen to audio books while washing, cleaning the house, driving etc. Audio books are also very…

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Things We Love (and hate) About Nigeria 

So we just celebrated our 57th year post-Independence from the British crown. In all sincerity, there is nothing to celebrate about Nigeria.

But we can celebrate MI, cos if this ain’t being Nigerian, I dunno what is!!! This is the Nigerian humour they warned you about!

I am writing this post from a hospital shed, sipping from a #100 bottle of coke and trying to tame my anger.  All students who are heading to the Nigeria Law School are usually made to run some medical tests. I begin Law school in few weeks (AFTER WAITING FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR – another reason why Nigeria is not worth celebrating). I have not had time to do mine up until today. This morning, I woke up early, got dressed and began my journey to the UNIVERSITY OF PORTHARCOURT TEACHING HOSPITAL. Lo and Behold, THEY WERE ON STRIKE! I was directed to go to BMH, the State Government’s Hospital; on getting there, I was told they were on strike too!!!! Can you believe that? Note that these two hospitals are on extreme ends. I literally had to do 360degrees turn under the hot sun. 

How does one celebrate a country that stresses you mentally? That literally makes you want to slide down a wall?

But we Nigerians have this suffering and smiling attitude. And so we always celebrate admist lack, poverty, sorrow and anguish. It is always in the little things. And these are some of the reasons we love NIGERIA: 

1) Small Chops:

I really do not know how small chops became part of our national identity. For me, my romance with small chops started this year. 

My hands. Holding one of the numerous plates of small chops I ate earlier this year

I interned at Ernst & Young Nigeria for nine months and I can’t count how many times I ate small chops. It was shared during birthdays, general meetings, thanksgiving sections etc. I was always looking forward to small chops.

In Nigeria, smallchops are what our abroad friends may call finger foods. A plate of small chops contains the following; Battered Fish, Mini Sausage Rolls, Snails, Peppered Gizzards, Barbecued Goat Meats (Asun), Puff Puffs and even some imported world recipes can be seen; Samosa and Spring Rolls.

So Yes! #TeamSmallChops

2) Ankara and Danshiki:

Sisters and I rocking the Danshiki

I never used to be crazy about ankara until I met CHINELO NWANGWU. I used to call it “Traditional”, but after many years of living in Ibadan and mixing up, ANKARA became a fav!!!

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie rocking this beautiful ANKARA
I got this beautiful piece from BALOGUN MARKET, Lagos. And incase you are wondering, I took this picture at the NIKE ART GALLERY!!! Every Nigerian has to visit this place.

3) Nigerian Memes and Sense of Humour:

I will just go ahead and explain this with some screenshots.

Even brands are not left out of this

Follow Instagram handles like Urbanyoobakrakstv for more!!!

4) Aba Made: The creativity and skill here is so raw. If only the government would move a quarter of its attention towards Aba. I still have a slippers I bought for #500 with a strong label – AZONTO!!! Meanwhile, the footwear I bought from the MAX store at IBADAN MALL has since been dead and buried. #BuyAba #BuyNairatogrowtheNaira

5) LAGOS TRAFFIC: You have to experience it! 

6) BOLE: I am forever loyal to BOLE. The one eaten in the Eastern and Southern part of Nigeria. I am not loyal to Boli, the one eaten in the Western part of Nigeria. It is very easy for a BOLIST to fall for BOLE. Most BLOEIST like me find it difficult falling for the BOLI. You get my drift? I think it is very insulting to even place both of them on the same pedestal. Loool! Like, who eats roasted plaintain with groundnuts biko? 

Plantain with groundnut, BOLI, above, is eaten in the West. The delicious meal below, is BOLE, eaten in the South.

In the South-West, boli is eaten like a snack but in the South-South it is A FULL MEAL, a balanced diet eaten with roasted yam, roasted fish, sauce and vegetables. 

Truth is, there is so much to love about Nigeria!!! So much!!! Our joy is contagious. Our diversity is amazing, we find ourselves everyday. We have a rich blend of culture. Religion – we love God so much! Is it our close-knit family members? Or the ability of Nigerians to price every single thing in the market? Is it Mama Put? (Shout to MAMA TEE – Balogun market. I mean, who 17th floor epp), JOLLOF RICE, WHITE RICE, DODO!!! 

Our BELLANAIJAWEDDINGS page on Instagram would make you want to get married ASAP!!!

We owe it to ourselves to make our immediate environment better. We can begin by shinning positive lights in our schools, work places, churches, places of worship.

The government has since failed us. There is no electricity, our educational system is epileptic etc etc. 

It is our collective responsibility to make the next 57 years count. We owe it to ourselves and to our children, even those yet unborn.

I mean, at the end of the day, you can’t blame a brother for wanting to have a healthy long distance relationship with Nigeria. Can ya?

Love and Light!

See Who Got A Post-Birthday Gift


I’m stalking writers and on-line book stores on Instagram when I say out loud “I really want to read this Stay With Me”. Chinelo, my friend, but technically my sister hears this and says “I’m getting it for your birthday”. Continue reading “See Who Got A Post-Birthday Gift”


bd 2017-03-27 at 4.05.08 PMHey Beautiful People,

It has been a while. Lagos has been doing me and I have been doing Lagos too. LOL!

I turned 23 on Monday. I am super grateful to God for the gift of life. I didn’t particularly have “fun”, but Mr. Biyi (A partner at the firm) had the good mind to take my friends and I for lunch at Eko Hotels.

PICTURES: Continue reading “23”

Chimamanda on Phyno’s Nme Nme.



Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: ‘There’s a self-righteousness to the ultra-left that’s hard for me to stomach.’ Photograph: Stephen Voss for the Guardian

Cathy of the BBC Radio Sunday Morning Show talked to Queen Chimamanda on music, feminism, growing up in Nigeria, religion, Catholicism, racism, depression etc.  Continue reading “Chimamanda on Phyno’s Nme Nme.”

What Do You Do When You Feel Lost?

Thank God we do not look like our struggles…

What do you do when you feel lost? Do you just stand at the spot where you have found yourself? Do you go back from where you came? or do you just move forward?

I am this point in my life where I feel completely lost. I do not know if it is as a result of my moving to Lagos- a city that is terrifying, tiring and terrible at the same time. I also do not know if it is as a result of not loving something I thought I always needed. Continue reading “What Do You Do When You Feel Lost?”

Imperialism-In-Artistry: Bob Dylan’s Nobel Win Is Proof Adichie Is Right about Beyonce.


Written by Otosirieze Obi-Young and first published on
This post is everything I discussed with my friends but couldn’t bring myself to write it down. I’m glad someone else did. Why I couldn’t wrap my head around those who attacked Adichie for her comments in the Dutch Magazine, I remember asking ; “If I write a novel about a ground-breaking discovery in physics, physiology or chemistry, does that make me eligible for the Nobel Win in same field?”

Continue reading “Imperialism-In-Artistry: Bob Dylan’s Nobel Win Is Proof Adichie Is Right about Beyonce.”

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