Comfort the Disturbed. Disturb the Comfortable

Me. Today. Disturbing my poor shoki skills.

Poetry does it for me. I spend half of my internet subscription downloading spoken word poetry. They are investments of some sort. For the future. A minute later. A day later. A year later. A safe house for when I’m depressed. Poetry for me is the way one word, sentence jumps out and crawls into my soul. It is the way I open my heart and entire being to that word/sentence and never let go.
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Day 3 of the protest. In front of the school gate with my book by HELON HABILA!

I’m tired of the silence. This silence that has killed Nigeria. This silence that MAY ruin us.
It is this silence that makes my mother go to work every morning even though she hasn’t been paid her salary since February. It is this silence that makes the people of Osun State go to work even though they are still being owed one year salary. What about the silence that has ruined the people of Akure, to think they have not been paid since October and yet they still go to work! Continue reading “CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE : I STAND WITH MOTE!”

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