bd 2017-03-27 at 4.05.08 PMHey Beautiful People,

It has been a while. Lagos has been doing me and I have been doing Lagos too. LOL!

I turned 23 on Monday. I am super grateful to God for the gift of life. I didn’t particularly have “fun”, but Mr. Biyi (A partner at the firm) had the good mind to take my friends and I for lunch at Eko Hotels.

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My youngest sisters turned 14 yesterday, June 14th. This post is for them. An old post from my Facebook page.



I’m thinking about my youngest sisters – Goodness and Mercy. Twins. I miss them and haven’t spoken to them in weeks. I’m thinking about them when my friend sends me a picture on BBM : Continue reading “FOR GOODNESS AND MERCY : MY DEITIES”


Stella :

…The one who came into the garden of my heart but instead of uprooting she planted.
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22 is basically the only age you can use as leverage. Meaning that because it’s the exact age between life-as-you-know-it and what will later be known as ‘real life’ (that’s scientifically proven, of course), people expect you to make some mistakes. Mistakes like overcooking a pot-roast or dating someone who may not be right for you. And that’s okay, because heck, you’re just 22. Shanelle Kaul

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New Friend's Facebook Cover Photo.

There are good people in the world.
There are bad people in the world.

I’ll try to tell you what happened on 24th March – 26th March 2016.

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Your 20’s are your “selfish” years. It’s a decade to immerse yourself in every single thing possible. Be selfish with your time and all aspects of you. Tinker with shit, travel and explore, love a lot, love a little, and never touch the ground. – Kyoko Escamilla.

Me at Seven.

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Everyday, I thank God for bringing her into my life. You don’t get to meet people like this all the time. I’m happy she’s my ROOMMATE AND FRIEND-TURNED-SISTER!
After having an awful Friday night/Saturday morning, I knew I had to “ball” a little, even though we had already made plans to meet up.

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In 2013, We made many friends…

Some became Dearest,:)

Some became Special,

Some We Fell in Love with,

Some went Abroad, 😦 (or to the village)

Some changed their cities, 😦

Some Left us,:'(

We Left some,</3

Some are in contact,

Some are not in contact,

Some don’t contact because of their ego,

We don’t contact some because of our ego,

Some left us alone in this world:(

Wherever they are, 🙂

However they are,/:)

We still remember, Love, Miss & Care about them because of the part they played. They made MEMORIES in our Lives and therefore are part of it! 😀

So if you are reading this, then know i haven’t forgotten you & I want to say, Thank you for being a part of my 2013… *hugs* Image
Merry Christmas & a happy new year in Advance!!!

“Let’s toast To friendship & to 2014” *wine*



If she could die then indeed, everything is vanity .
Where do I begin? Where do I start from?
Death never really hits you until someone close to you dies. In that moment you begin to feel the pain that comes with death. Funny enough, I did a post on death few weeks back because I lost two aunts but I didn’t know that the bigger shock was coming.

They say your high school moments are your most treasured moments and I believe that now. The memories are all coming back. When I first met her,I never knew we were going to be this close. Until I got to the senior class, she became my “School Mother” but as time went on, she became more than that.
She became my BESTFRIEND and everything that accompanies that.
Words fail me…Words fail me indeed.

The day was October 18th 2013, like any other Friday. I had just gotten up from the bed – siesta when I decided to check my facebook page and what I saw was the BREAKING NEWS!
I tried to understand by suppressing the emotions that was already boiling from within.

Words can’t explain how miserable and lonely I would feel for the next few weeks. I blamed myself, for not calling, for not knowing.

If Chioma could die, with her beauty, grace, intelligence..OH!! if she could die..
There’s never going to be another YOU and life will never be the same. (It really hasn’t been the same, so much has happened. You know this, I write to you everyday.)
Death, the necessary end that will come when it will come.

You all have to understand that life is really too short. You never know if you are going to see someone again. You never know if it’s going to be the last. So never fail to say “I love you” to that special someone in your life.
On September 11th I got a message.. “9/11 is a reminder to tell those close to you how you feel” something like that can’t really remember now. And immediately I saw it, I picked up my phone and sent a text to MY CHIOMA. And she replied saying she loved and missed me too. We talked few times before she died but the thing is we never got the chance to say that to each other again. What I’m trying to say is this , I didn’t misuse the opportunity I had. I’m glad I told her that , even though we said it all the time to each other. I never knew it was going to be the last.

Even the mightiest of men, the wealthiest, the most intelligent, the prettiest, all of us are frail. We have no power whatsoever to save ourselves in the face of death. The pound sterling , no matter how high its exchange rate is can’t buy back life, that knowledge you have can’t either, death won’t say ‘Oh look, here’s a pretty one ,think I’ll just let her live’ Reality check: that just doesn’t happen. Death is just inevitable. The when or the how or where is totally beyond our control, we really don’t know when we’ll draw our last breath. We all pray for longevity, but truly who knows tomorrow? Who is able to say what will happen? NOBODY.

Some of us go through life with this air of arrogance, probably because of our job, our family status, people we know or for other funny reasons. There is just this attitude of ‘self-sufficiency’ and I’m not talking about money here. Some people just feel like they don’t need God anymore and treat him like he’s a buffet table, “Oh God, I’d like an extra large portion of blessings and special grace and mercy, a rich vegetable salad of wealth, good health and prosperity, and oh God, While you are at it, can you just cause all my enemies to die by fire? And please send an angel to help me hasten up that contract approval? Oh no, I wouldn’t like any helping of true worship or dedication and service to you nor do I want you to correct me when I go astray, my plate is filled already. Thank you God, that will be all for now, talk to you next when I need help.”
We go through life chasing shadows and meaningless material things. Building up things that can be taken away or destroyed easily, forgetting that what truly matters are not our material possessions but the PEOPLE AROUND US and OUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH them.

The thing is, this ‘Life is short’ saying is a cliché that really doesn’t even truly describe how short life is. We should just learn to live for the moment, build meaningful lasting relationships, be a friend, love God earnestly, worship Him (this is the sole purpose for mans’ creation in the 1st place), forgive, get involved in charity, give back to society, make an impact in peoples’
lives, do what you love, spend quality time with your family and friends, lend a helping hand, give your life meaning, spread love all around you and have fun while you are at it. Just find that which gives you happiness because anything less is not acceptable, go through life with a certain amount of joie de vivre!.

Chioma taught me the meaning of TRUE LOVE. Loving her was so easy, it came naturally and I COULD GIVE THE WORLD TO HAVE HER BACK. I used to say, Chiomy, if you were a guy, we prolly would have gotten married.

She came into the garden of my heart, but instead of uprooting, she planted!!!

Loving you was everything and it still is….Loving you was so easy…I read our letters all the time, I laugh and smile and THANK GOD I spent SIX YEARS in UMUAHIA.


Keep Resting In Peace My Love.