This information should be read, digested, re-gurgitated, swallowed again, re-digested and assimilated into the Cerebrum. (Uju Comfy Okorie)

This is the very reason we have FEMINISTS – Some of you have decided to call us ANGRY WOMEN.

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MY BAD HABITS : Trichotillomania AND Coca-Cola


I made a decision. A decision to be brutally honest with my self. I used to have only one place where I could be really honest with my self – A BOOK, SOMEWHERE IN MY ROOM (Named Stella – In memory of my best friend…)
I needed a second place – MY BLOG (Named Adrielnaline – from my name, Adriel…)

Writing is my therapy. I never really understood it until few months ago. I have written so well in the last few months. Things I would never have written if I didn’t make writing my therapy.

So, since we are being all honest, let’s talk about bad habits! 

I have TWO bad habits that I’ve been battling with. Just so you know, I did some thorough soul searching and as far as I’m concerned I HAVE ONLY TWO BAD HABITS left to work on.


I’m not perfect. I’m just perfectly flawed.

I know what you are thinking now. Yeah, nobody does that. Only ADRIEL. I can’t really remember how and when and why it started. I just noticed that one day I woke up and all my eye lashes were gone. I was looking like an OWL!
I’ve tried so hard to stop it, but mehn……

I have battled with this thing. At a point I had to go online in search for “ASSOCIATION OF EYE LASH PULLERS” and to my surprise, I WASN’T THE ONLY ONE!


So I found that it was a “condition” – Trust ndi obodoyibo to give everything and anything a name.

(/ˌtrɪkəˌtɪləˈmeɪniə/trik-ə-til-ə-may-nee, also known as trichotillosis or hair pulling disorder). It is an Impulse Control Disorder characterized by the compulsive urge to pull out one’s hair, leading to hair loss and balding, distress, and social or functional impairment.
Trichotillomania is defined as a self-induced and recurrent loss of hair. It includes the criterion of an increasing sense of tension before pulling the hair and gratification or relief when pulling the hair.

Trichotillomania is often not a focused act, but rather hair pulling occurs in a “trance-like” state. Other individuals may have focused, or conscious, rituals associated with hair pulling, including seeking specific types of hairs to pull, pulling until the hair feels “just right”, or pulling in response to a specific sensation. (I don’t want to bore you with too much medical grammar).


I try to restrain my self when ever I feel the urge to pull them off, it works for a while…I see them growing again, I’m happy…and KABOOM!!!…I’m back to looking like an OWL.
And the whole cycle continues.
In order to cover this up, I do the whole smoky eyes thing with my black eye shadow or I just stick to my MOTHER HER FRAMES, making a conscious effort not to remove them until I get to my room.

The struggle is real. I believe I’ll over come this habit. I’m trying so hard. Like why won’t I have eyelashes????

Mum says it’s from THE PIT OF HELL!!! Hahahaha!!!

More than its a bad habit, it’s a serious medical condition. There are worse cases and scenarios.
Anyways, now we now it’s a medical condition and it goes from pulling off eyelashes to pulling off hairs on the entire skin. But I won’t get to that stage. AMEN.

If you have same problem, you are not alone sweetie and we can work our way around this.

Here are some links to help you with Trichotillomania.




These should help. You may still want to carry out your own research. Just Google the word “Trichotillomania”.

Okay. I have written. Hopefully, coming out on my blog will make me more conscious.


Coca-Cola really made a hell of money with the name tagging business. I made it a point to drink a bottle of coke with the name of ANYONE I knew. This pix was taken sometime in January and after a long search...I FOUND MY NAME. PET NAME.

I can’t even begin to explain my addiction to coke. In fact, I was sipping from the #50 coke bottle while I was writing this post.
I think I inherited this trait from my Father. Yeah, just so you know, bad habits could be passed down.
I made a decision few months ago not to take coke anymore and I stood by it. But then, exams came. I needed the sugar. There was no time to even boil hot water. I went back again to the coke addiction.

I have just one paper left. I’m really hoping I won’t be needing coke again after the exams.

I may WANT it. Lol

Basically, these are my struggles and battles.
What are yours? Have you had bad habits that you suddenly stopped? How did you stop them? And are you currently battling with any bad habit? Feel free to drop a comment and let’s see how we can overcome them together.

N/B: Ndi Obodoyibo means WHITE PEOPLE.

Love xoxo





Been staring at my laptop…

Thinking of what to post today…

Waiting for inspiration…
Oh yes! I’ve gotten it… listen…
Please, what is it with our Medical Doctors of today? I mean where is that passion you see in their eyes as kids when they tell you “I WANT TO BE A DOCTOR WHEN I GROW UP”. Unfortunately, I have seen enough negligence from them to last me a year. Why am I saying this?
I was talking to a friend the other day and we were talking about this same negligence and she told me a story about an uncle of hers whose mum was so ill. The woman was rushed to the hospital and got better, all of a sudden she became so sick again and they went to ask for the doctor because they were still at the hospital. The doctor came in and didn’t even say a word to them, he just took his stuffs and left. He did that twice and so my friend’s Uncle freaked out – his mum was dying for crying out loud! He ran after the doctor and asked him why he didn’t attend to his mum, guess what the Doctor said? “Do you think your mum is going to survive this? She is going to die!” Her Uncle almost went mad after hearing the Doctor, his mum died and he has been sick of HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE since then. So what do you call this? I’m sure you are probably angry right now, cursing the doctor where ever he maybe. As for me, I hope his license has been removed. This is just like a tip of the iceberg. I could go on and on.
I was reading a John Grisham novel the other day, thanks to my 6months forced holiday, I’ve been doing a lot of John Grisham lately. So the name of this novel was THE APPEAL, and I just want to point out a negligence story from the book.
“A little boy was playing baseball with so much joy and enthusiasm when his friend mistakenly hit a bat on his forehead and he collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital and after all the necessary tests and scanning the Doctor who attended to him said it was a minor problem and that his parents should ensure he has a good rest. His parents were so grateful; at least it wasn’t what they were thinking. But letter that night their sweet son of just 10 became so dysfunctional, throwing up, shaking and all that stuff. His parents had to call the family doctor and he was rushed to another hospital. Fresh tests and scans were carried out, only for the Family Doctor to realize that the initial test and scan report given to them by the 1stDoctor was that of someone else and that was why he gave rest as the immediate solution. Whereas, the correct thing was to do surgeries to remove the blot clot in the brain of this poor child. Unfortunately, the damage had been done and this little baseball star was far from the hyperactive life of a 10 year old”
Yeah, I know it is just a novel, but this sort of thing happens every day, everywhere. Negligence and pride is what I call it.
This is another real life story; a man died two days after Christmas. Why? Negligence! After the Lab had conducted tests on him, it was sent to the hospital by 6:30a.m. Christmas day, but at 7:30 a.m. on the 26th, they were not in his file.
I would like to see reforms in the medical profession, starting with medical school. Later when doctors go into practice, information about their malpractice cases should be posted on their office wall, right up there with their medical school certificates.
I REST MY CASE, just thought i should say something on this.
May God help us and our Doctors. AMEN.

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