It is so good to be on here after what seems like eons. 

Law school is not easy. Like, I am constantly in this circle of studying and attending classes and preparing for presentations. 

New wigs were called to the Nigerian Bar two days ago and seeing the pictures of my senior colleagues in their wigs and gowns gave me JOY and HOPE. I kept telling myself: 

Next year, you will be called to the Nigerian Bar – you will be called EXCELLENTLY. 

I apologize for the absence. I miss talking about life and books and African Literature. But knowing that it is all for a GREATER CAUSE warms my heart.

Now. The Holidays are here!!! Who is excited?

I have decided to take TWO DAYS out of my very busy holiday – that would begin on the 15th – to read this amazing book by OLUNOSEN LOUISA IBHAZE – AUTHENTIC MAMA!!! I will be reading this book alongside members of my BOOK CLUB –KAWE BOOK CLUB – You should totally join us! 

What are you reading this season?

Meanwhile, cath up on interviews from some of Nigeria’s finest literary enthusiasts HERE – on the THE AFRO READER’S website.