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He died at the age of 22. I am 22. I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing and at night, I went to bed with thoughts of Freddie Steinmark on my mind – spent an hour reading everything I could find on him from the Internet.

I get very emotional when I see movies; the characters stay with me for a long time. Just like the characters from my favorite books. And if it happens to be a real life story or an emotional movie, it becomes more personal. My obsession and my mourning. Yes, I mourn fictional characters in my own way. “MY ALL AMERICAN” IS OFFICIALY ONE OF MY FAVORITE MOVIES. I can’t even believe the low ratings they gave it – who are these dumb critics by the way? This movie reminded me of my best friend who died when she was only 21. I SWEAR CANCER IS A BITCH!!! In Steinmark’s case it was cancer of the bone and then cancer of the lungs. RAW EMOTIONS! It also reminded me AGAIN about the importance of FAITH; In times like these –  times when beasts of dark clouds cover our bright blue sky all we have is OUR FAITH AND HOPE. 
This movie broke me. 


Can you feel the power?

Fast girls. I was reluctant at first. After checking all the available folders in my laptop I decided to settle. What caught my attention first was the British Accent and then the pretty girls and then the SPORT. I LOVE running. This movie made me cry. I don’t even know why I cried. It was just too emotional on so many different levels  – without even trying. Maybe it was the feminine power. I really don’t know but it’s now one of my favorite movies. 

I have recommended two movies for you all. See them. 


Toyin Adisa and I.

Facebook. The media for posting pictures and remembering birthdays of friends. But since last year it has become one of my favorite places in the world. I mean, I have made friends – virtual friends turned real friends. Good and genuine people. Remember my Akintunde Friend? The good gentle man who brought me books? Read the story here >>>> ( It was Facebook. 

Facebook has given me a kind of energy that I can’t explain. Way back, it was just friends I knew. And then I met Okey Amako who happened to be a student like me in UI. Okey led me to Walter Shakes and since then my life hasn’t been the same. Because of these people, my writing has improved. It’s so weird people don’t know the influence they can have on others. Every single thing these people write or share makes me better, happier. It’s like parts of me were immersed in their beings. They get IT. I got the courage to express myself better without realizing I was affecting people positively. I love how Chinyere Unique says nice things to me. And even Ifesinachi Esther whose kind words made my heart swell. Uzoamaka’s fearlessness and Farida Adamu’s road to freedom. Michael Ogah’s stories! My God! One of a kind. HE WRITES LIKE MICHEAL OGAH!!! Caleb’s kindness would lead me to meeting the beautiful Toyin Adisa! Pa Ikhide and his ancient wisdom coupled with Ike Anya’s silent motivation. The positivity is contagious. And my virtual baby – AMANDA MADUMERE.The list is very long. 

Facebook is Charles Uzor’s Sarcasm and Walter’s Lagos experience. It is Chimee Adioha’s display of food and love for masculinity. It is Eketi’s funny but true stories and Enwongo’s grace. It is Justin Ebuka Muodebelu and everything he writes – his short story “GRACE” lives in me. It is Umar who I just added after I saw his name on the farafina list; Umar who sent me this.👇👇👇

I screamed. Binya sharing my story?! Hehe! Facebook is the kindness of strangers. It is knowing that people are obsessed with books just like you. It is not being alone. It is reading short stories and finding links until your eyes are popping out of their sockets. Facebook is home in a weird way.  I could go on and on. 

Left – Right : Me, Toyin, Ife and Joe

I met three virtual friends last week for the first time – Toyin, Joe and Ife. Amazing Writers. Joe’s story is currently on the 2016 Wrtivism shortlist. Read it here ( It’s so refreshing to know that beautiful things can come out of social media.   

Joe Aito and I

What is Facebook to you?  

I leave for Ibadan tomorrow and I can’t wait for the next four months to come to an end. For I shall be a Law graduate come December. 

Me. Photo Credit : Toyin Adisa

Sending you all of my ADRIELNALINE. PLEASE see the movies I recommended. 🙂 
Love xoxo