Photo Credit : Chiamaka Nwangwu. One of my favorites.

Just in case you have no idea what I look like… That’s me!

I have no idea when this picture was taken, like, I don’t know if I actually posed for the camera or if it was taken at random. I was obviously squinting big time, trying to prevent the sun from destroying my already bad eye sight.

That's me and my number 2. Mother hen frames

Life without my glasses would be “unseeable.” I have MYOPIC ASTIGMATISM, that is, I don’t see things that are far and things that are kind of close end up being distorted, blurry and imperfect.

In summary I need my glasses 24/7.

Last night, my faculty –  The Great Faculty Of Law, University Of Ibadan, held their press night for aspirants. I’m not going to talk about how pissed I was at the pressmen. I was there for one thing, support my friend who is running for the post of Social Director and then leave. For some reasons, I stayed till the part of the Presidential Aspirants and then they asked each of them one question which I’m going to paraphrase : “What’s your vision for the Faculty Of Law?”

The first aspirant answered hers by defining the word vision which she said meant TO SEE.

When she said that, I thought to my self : But I can’t see. I mean, I’m basically lost without my glasses.

This is the point where the post takes a turn.

When she said that, it was as though there were more than a million voices in my head saying “You may be MYOPIC and may have distorted views of things close to you, but you’re future is so bright and perfectly clear, you don’t need those glasses to see them”

And that’s so true. I have this big, clear cut plans for my self. I have these visions where I see myself standing with famous writers on earth, where I’ll wining and dinning with the best OAP’s. I’m not only going to sit down and see, I’ll get up and work towards the realization of the vision. I have these visions where I SEE perfectly well without my MOTHER HEN FRAMES which everyone loves by the way, can’t wrap my head around that.

I see. I see. I see.

And I know what I see.


What do you see? What do you actually see when the frames are not on? Where do you see yourself FIVE YEARS, TEN YEARS, FIFTY YEARS from now?

P/S : Maybe I should dedicate this post to everyone who uses glasses.

Love xx

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