(Wholesome Dedication to Ijose Tosin Joses Jenesaisquoi and Adriel Chi Onwukwe)

On a day,

When the sun shines the rays of fortunes

And happy birds sing the blessings of their tunes

When mercies come down like showers of rain

And hearts dance to the rhythm of joyful veins.


That was the day, we were born

That was the day we’ve chosen to come.


On that day,

When Intelligence and wisdom give away

And knowledge and understanding parade the bay

When eloquence and diligence march all the way

And wits and words bear the flag for the day

When talents and brilliance hold the sway

And ingenuity gathers drum and flute to play

That was the day we were born, that day…


When Kola and bitter nuts performed the rites

To pray many days and longer days to bite

When honey, salt and sugar were never scarce

To pray for a rosy life and a prosperous pies

When Alligator peppers stay knitted in their brownish shell

To pray for good words from all that they tell.


The day is today,

When the gods raise up their goblets in celebration

And angels blow the trumpet for a Birthday song.

Today is the day,

When we look back on those covered races




C. 2013


…..A poem by a very special birthday mate : a poet and much more……