Blessing Chimdiuto Lawrence.

“My God, Chimdinma, I was walking down the road and everyone was just staring, I’m pretty sure they were looking at my hair. It’s so funny how nobody knows what our African hair looks like anymore.”

Blessing said while relaxing on my sofa.

“Babe, your hair looks really amazing. Can’t wait for mine to be as FROISH as yours. Oya let’s have a mini photoshoot and an interview”. The photographer and writer in me came alive!


Why did you decide to go NATURAL?

Relaxers were really damaging my hair, I needed to do something about it. After I saw my friends hair and a couple of YouTube videos, I realized the natural hair could be really beautiful. I woke up one day and just chopped my hair off.

Do you use any special stuff for your hair or do you do anything extra? Cos it seems every Naturalista has a laboratory.

Well not really, I basically just wash my hair with a good shampoo – ARGAN OIL and I also use a lot of coconut oil. That’s all.

I usually braid my hair most of the times and when it’s old I take it down and wash and style and braid after a while.

She braids her hair, all by self. She usually gets her friends to cut them into sections and does every other thing herself.


Are most Africans over there on Natural hair?

Well not really, but it’s something that everyone is embracing now and that’s a good thing.

Any Rules?

Don’t put heat on your hair.
Don’t comb it when it’s dry.


The basic challenge is, the hair is going to get fuller and then you have to start washing it in sections. That’s a serious challenge because It could take hours! Combing the hair again could be painful because of curls…

One more thing, When I cut my hair, it wasn’t magical or anything. LOL! I didn’t hear music blaring and I wasn’t walking on the streets of obodoyibo like one Queen… Haha!

People look at you differently when you say you don’t want to add relaxers to your hair anymore. That’s how dependent on it we’ve become.

Thanks for the time Twinne! It was nice interviewing your FRO!


Blessing has been my childhood buddy, my dad was so excited to see her but sadly I didn’t take a picture of both of them. I love the woman she’s become, you should see her lament about the state of Nigeria hospitals. I love how we think alike. I love how I can have a very deep conversation with her on serious topics. She’s SMART – she won’t let me talk about that so I’ll hush. Haven’t seen her in five years! So I took all the pictures I could, pictures of her only (Thousands of them) , I wasn’t looking as hot as she was. LOL!



I take beautiful pictures o!!!

We wanted to try the whole street thing I guess…but we didn’t venture far… Ha Ha Ha!




And there’s this one of me and her :

Small FRO. Big FRO

By the end of this year, my hair should be like this – GOALS! The natural hair has come to stay and that’s a good thing.

It took me hours to get this shot. She kept jumping until I was satisfied.

Love xoxo