I woke up on the 6th of January, ready for school, after the 6months old ASUU strike that is finally going to affect the students.
Our journey started around 8O’clock. The journey is always a very long one. We are talking 9-13 hours on the road. First of all, I’ll like to say I always learn something new each time I embark on my journey to IBADAN. And on that day, I learnt about PATIENCE and GRACE, its not like the word is new to me or something , In fact, one of my favourite quotes is this : PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE – got it from a movie I saw when I was much younger and haven’t forgotten.
Enough of the digression. I was talking about my journey to school.

When we were about getting to the BENIN/ORE road we met this standstill. The cars and trucks were just not moving. Everything was on hold. I looked at my time, twenty minutes gone. Okay, I’m irritated and itchy and sweaty already. Some Vehicles started reversing because rumour had it that there was a smaller route, a better route, which could be taken rather than being stuck and in traffic.
Some folks at the back were telling the driver not to move. “Driver, be patient” “Small, Small, this line go move” and all “assuring” statements.
But I said “No o!! Driver we could be here for 2hours without any show, so please , follow,others who are reversing”

I won’t say I convinced the driver, because his mind seemed made-up to me already. And so he reversed and followed others. And 5minutes into the “better and shorter route” the bus got bad. All the passengers began ranting in anger.

And my inner goddess said “Well, Shut-up, anything would have happened to the bus whether we went through that way or not”. And I thought to my self, Yes o!! Because we were not the only people that went through that way. It would have been any other vehicle. And then it clicked! “GRACE” that is where the place of Grace comes in.
Most times we want to follow the crowd, forgetting that our destines are not the same. Someone else’s good could be your bad and vice versa. The high in life is a very big one and you are not in competition with anybody. The Grace God has bestowed on you is different from what he has given others.

Well, if only we knew we would have been patient. We wouldn’t have joined others in following the “short cut”.
The driver had to turn and continue with the former route because he needed a mechanic. And when we got to the highway we were at the back of the traffic line, that had unfortunately for us, started moving. If only we knew, the Driver would have just stayed a little longer.

I’m sure y’all get where I’m driving at. PATIENCE is indeed a virtue. Everything in life is not gotten in a hurry. Remember : SLOW and STEADY WINS THE RACE. We should always learn how to “Chill” “Calm down”.

The Driver finally got the mechanic and our bus was repaired and at 8:07pm, I was at the front gate of my School.
…….After 6months…….