Ndi kem? My people? Kedu? You know that time between Christmas and New Year where you don’t know what day it is, who you are or what you are meant to be doing??? I keep asking my siblings is today 25th or 26th? 29th or 30th? Sigh.

Yesterday my siblings and I went to the mall. We got “chilling” money from our favourite aunty and so I decided to take them to the movies so they could see THE WEDDING PARTY. The Wedding Party is absolutely the best thing that has happened to Nollywood since Kunle Afolayan’s October 1st. The comedy wasn’t forced and Shola Sobowale gave her all.

I had seen The Wedding Party several weeks ago for just #700 but I didn’t mind seeing it again with my siblings. The movie website showed #500 before 3:00pm. On getting there what we were told was #1300.

Jehova God! In this recession?!!?
I paid for my siblings instead and then decided to see something else showing at the exact time so we could all leave together. The Wedding Party is an awesome movie but I couldn’t bring myself to pay #1300 for something I had already seen.

I settled for Collateral Beauty, it costs #1,300. I think my willingness to spend this much for a movie was because my Aunty gave us the money. The hike in prices in the name of festive period was and is absolutely ridiculous.

Only brother.

Anyways, about Collateral Beauty.

Successful advertising executive Will Smith is clinically depressed and even borderline suicidal loner after the tragic death of his young daughter. His estranged friends and business partners Whit Yardshaw (Edward Norton), Claire Wilson (Kate Winslet) and Simon Scott (Michael Peña) fear for Howard’s mental health as well as their company’s future, as Howard’s erratic behavior has cost them numerous high-profile clients and left them on the verge of bankruptcy, and as the majority shareholder, Howard has also undermined their efforts to sell the company.


With no other option, the trio hire a private investigator, Sally Price (Ann Dowd), to follow Howard and acquire evidence that he is unfit to run the company, allowing them to wrest control away from him. Sally intercepts letters Howard has been writing to the abstract concepts of Love, Time and Death, and presents them to Whit, Claire and Simon, who decide to hire a trio of struggling actors – Aimee (Keira Knightley), Raffi (Jacob Latimore) and Brigitte (Helen Mirren) – from a local theater company to masquerade as Love, Time and Death and confront Howard about the content of his letters. Sally will then record these encounters and use an editing software to digitally erase Aimee, Raffi and Brigitte from the footage, making it appear as if Howard is mentally unbalanced, enabling them to sell the company.

I was going to spill and tell you guys what happened at the end of the movie but I’m going to be a good girl and avoid spoilers. The twist of this movie was crazy! I loved it! It was beautiful and emotional. I didn’t see it coming.


I think this movie would make a great book. It is a deep movie and only those who are in touch with their poetic side will appreciate it. When I see movies, I see them with the eye of a reader, I look for deeper meanings and take the quotes seriously. That’s why I was so irritated by the boy and girl who sat beside me. They kept talking for hours. At first I kept my cool but when I couldn’t take it anymore I asked that they please keep quiet. I mean, I paid #1,300 to see this movie and I might as well put my soul and spirit into it.

Meanwhile, why do people come in 1hr 30minutes later into a movie?!? THE HORROR!!!

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the movie though;

We are here to connect. Love, time, death. Now these three things connect every single human being on earth. We long for love, we wish we had more time, and we fear death.


Aimee Moore: I’m love. I’m the fabric of life.
I am love. Don’t try and live without me, Howard.
Love is the reason for everything. 
Howard Inlet: I felt you everyday when she laughed and you broke my heart!
Aimee Moore: I was there in her laugh, but I’m also here now in your pain. I’m the reason for everything. If you can accept that then maybe you get to live again.


Just be sure to notice the collateral beauty. It’s the profound connection to everything.

“ I’m trying to fix my mind.”- Howard
“You lost your lost your child, it will never be fixed.”- Madeleine

This particular quote gave me the chills. I recommend this movie for parents who have lost a child. I think we Nigerians should really imbibe the culture of support groups. It makes healing easier.

According to USA TODAY, When Will Smith signed on for Collateral Beauty last summer, he never could have known just how personal it would become. His father was diagnosed with cancer three weeks after he took the role. 
Reading books about religion and the afterlife before shooting started wound up bringing him closer to his father, Willard Smith Sr., a refrigeration engineer and U.S. Air Force veteran. He died last month.

In his words, “Having to face my father’s mortality and impending death while I was preparing for this role gave us a really wonderful interaction during that time,” Smith says. “We were able to have conversations that I never would have been mature enough or open enough to have, and we confronted death head-on. So it was a beautiful way to prepare for a movie and an even more majestic way to say goodbye to my father.”

Will Smith has been chasing the Oscars. I doubt if this movie will give it to him. There were some “Are you really kidding me moments” in the movie. And I’m yet to fully understand the “Collateral Beauty” meaning from the movie. All in all it was fair.


Finally, I wish you all the best in this coming new year, 2017.

Great things are waiting.

Expand your horizon. READ GOOD BOOKS!


Love and Light.