I saw this picture and good thing is I already have a notebook where I write down the names of books I’m yet to read. While I have some stashed somewhere, I’m yet to buy some.

Take a look 🙂




The only book I’ve read on the list is PAPER TOWNS by JOHN GREEN and I’m not even done with it. Still half way.

Instead of reading the books on the list, I go searching for other books. See how I wrote GONE GIRL twice?! LOL! And I also wrote THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES twice… 🙈🙈

Just in case you’ve been looking for book recommendations, feel free to choose books from my list. Rumour has it that they are all great books.
I hope I get to read all of these one day.

N/B : Ignore my writing, it’s usually way better than this. 😂

Love xoxo