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Why have you chosen the mediocre mind, the mind of the slave
When there is a king in you waiting to be discovered?
Your desire to be ordinary will be the conduit to your early grave
Because your full potentials you have willingly covered

You have decided to settle for the ordinary
Because you don’t think you can be exceptional
Know this! You are your problem because your thinking is contrary
To the extraordinary. Sadly, you desire only the things that are general

Congratulations! For you have decided to jail your mind
Kudos! For you are the jailer of the jail
Jailer! For how long will you continue to grind
Your hopes? Release your mind or prepare to fail

Stop thinking like a chicken when you are born to be an eagle
Ladies and gentlemen, you can fly. Aspire for the pinnacle

This is to you who think you can never sit among the greats
Be positive or you may never be among the heavyweights
Think like a king and you may one day dine with kings
Or think like a slave and you would surely never wear royal rings
How can you be okay with just being okay?
Break records! Hit your targets! Let medals fill your tray!
Remember! You can’t be extraordinary with an ordinary mindset
Think greatness and seize the day before the arrival of the sunset
Stop settling for less or no-one will recommend you for the top
Always dare for more or else you will be a flop
Dream big and think big! Don’t just stand there like an onlooker
Stop thinking like a loser! You are not a mediocre!


Ayanfe Philip is a final year law student of University of Ibadan. He loves writing poems and poems of love and lovelorn are his forte. Above all, he loves motivating people.
His poetry would be posted on this blog every Sunday. Stay connected!